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  1. Release a good working condition LED Zetlight ZA1201 WiFi (Setting can be done via an App on phone) at ONLY $65. Attached are videos just taken on the LED Light with diff intensity setting. Contact me at Nine430 899Three for Viewing & Collection in Sengkang. More information on the LED Zetlight is available @ for reference https://zetlight.com/aqua-series-m-p00100p1.html IMG_6142.MOV IMG_6143.MOV IMG_6144.MOV
  2. PM me if you are interested in having light PAR readings
  3. Online Video Reviews - Ecotech Radion G4 Pro Mounting Solution for the Ecotech Radion XR30/XR15 G4 Pro Wireless Control with the Ecotech Radion G4 Pro
  4. Hello ladies and gentlemen, here are some stuff to clear... If interested, please PM 5kg dead coral and small rocks that used to be in my overflow compartment. Maximum about 8cm in length, mostly in the 6 - 8 cm range. $5 Rossmont Mover 15200. Small but extremely powerful powerhead. Used less than a year with receipt. 24w, 15200 litres/hour Slight unnoticeable kink on the cover when I tried to pry it open for cleaning, but doesn't affect performance. $90 Hailea HX-8810 . This is the older model with a stronger max head which consumers 20W instead of the new 17w (1.6m) version 20w, 1000 litres/hour Max head 1.95m $10 Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 Great for small tanks up to 250 litres, OR just for stirring salt mix... $30 Tunze Osmolator Nano (ATO) Not working, needs repair, no idea what's broken, get for spare parts, etc $5 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6085 Reliable workhorse 14w, 8000 litres/hour $120 Beamswork/Odyssea 18w LED dual switch - Blue only or Blue+White 6 white + 3 blue $10 Eheim 1264. Another trusty workhorse. 100w, 4500 litres/hour Max head 3.5m $100 Resun Autofeeder AF-2009D $5 Sunsun Submersible pump HQJ-1000B. Only used for under 5 minutes, flow deemed too strong for refugium. 12w, 1000 litres/hour $10 Collection at 164127. Thanks everyone
  5. Used for 2 weeks. Comes with receipt. Warranty valid for 12 months. Blue plus or2 led bar 60cm length. Foc 1 vitalis flakes fish food. Brand new. Selling cos cannot fit my hanging rack. 18 leds x 3w https://orphek.com/or-bar-led-light/ Price $150 Self collect pasir ris dr 6. Reservation with deposit only. 923 zero zero 827
  6. Be the first to catch the preview of the new Aqua illumination Vegas LED in Asia !! The new AI Vegas will be display on our booth at the Dec event ( 07.12.2012 ~ 09.12.2012 ). Come over and see for yourself why this worldwide anticipated LED lighting is a major sold out even before it was officially launch .
  7. looking for led light that fits a nano tank. Pm me if you have suitable light thanks!
  8. Selling my AI Hydra 52HD as I have upgraded my light. Used 6 months only. Comes with D-D Slim Line Stand. Asking $600, collection at Sengkang 543332. Low baller will be ignored.
  9. selling 2 sets of above in brand new condition (only switched on once for 15 mins) as I find the lighting positions not even for 6 feet tank and switched to Ecotech Radion. Bought at $1200 each and looking at $1000-$1100 only and I will throw in a free set of hanging kit which costs $70 each. SMS: 81211819see the URL for full specs: https://www.giesemann.us/Viva.html
  10. Dear Friends, I have a 2-year old a) Jebao AK-60 (older version without WIFI, this is a clone version of Kessil A360) using the b ) original Kessil A-360 Mounting Arm (because it looks better, I still have the c) Jebao AK-60 gooseneck arm. The light is still working well and there are some salt creep which can be cleansed off. I will clean as much as i can before selling. I am using another light so I dont need this anymore. I bough the LED light around S$200, the Kessil mounting arm is S$120, plus an adaptor mount S$30. I am letting all three items go at S$88. Please PM me. Thanks!
  11. I Decom my 5x2.5x2.5 tank i've listed all my equips for sale below. 1. Mars Aqua LED 3 set with free sets of LED for custom mod. Price 400 SGD Comes with Original Box and packaging. Free extra LED for Modding. 2. Hailea HC1000b 1 HP Chiller (Comes with Original Box) . Price 350 SGD 3. Bubble Magus Curve 9. Price 150 SGD 4. Skimz SideA FR (Comes with Small pump) . Price 80 SGD 5. Skimz BR100 Biopellet Reactor. Price 80 SGD 6. Misc Stuff 6a. Reef Kalk (1/2)= 5 SGD 6b. Rowa Plus (1/2) = 10 SGD 6c. Alkalinity Test kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD 6d. Calcium Test Kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD 6e. Reef Roids (Full) = 15 SGD 6f. Dupla EEze (Full) = 15 SGD 6g. Reefmax part F Supplement (3/4) = 10 SGD 6h. Skimz Socks holder = 5 SGD 6i. Refractometer = 10 SGD 6j. TDS Meter = 10 SGD Tank is 5x2.5x2.5 Feet with 12mm glasspanel and euro bracing. Overflow to the sump tank is at the corner. If anyone is interested please whatsapp me for further info. Also have a couple of dry rocks bleach and sun dried and a couple of pounds of sand which ill be posting it soon after i took some photos. If interested please whatsapp me @ 85223044.
  12. Selling used set. Still in good working condition.Size is around 80cm, can use for 3ft tank or 4ft shallow. It has preset programmes and you can create your own custom setting effect. Comes with hanging cables for ceiling mount. Letting go at $150 only. Pasir Ris
  13. Hi, just purchased the IM fusion nano 20 & looking for lighting equipment for my tank. Interested in getting the Maxspect Razaor, 120W. Or maybe any lights avail for sale? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi, just purchased the IM fusion nano 20 & looking for lighting equipment for my tank. Interested in getting the Maxspect Razaor, 120W. Or maybe any lights avail for sale? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi Folks, Selling away the equipment as I've decomm my tank. Have attached the pictures. PM me if interested. 1) Reef Octopus skimmer used for many years - FOC if you purchase any other items below 2) Maxspect LED lights R420R used for 3yrs - $250 (inclusive of the add on lens to expand the light coverage) 3) Vortech MP40W used for many years - $50 4) Led Lights - $10 5) Magnesium Mix - $20 6) Calcium Mix (opened) - $10 Will give a bundle price of $300 if you take all 6 items together
  16. WTS Hydra 52 HD Cheap - Warranty until Dec 2017 (Receipt will be provided) - Two units for sale (Both Black Color) - Selling $400 per unit - Take both units for $750 - Unit already dismounted and serviced - Will pass you the following items: - LED Light with Original Box - Power Supply - Collection at Flora Road
  17. Selling a zetlight UFO LED, due to change of plans, initially wanted to set up a 1.5ft cube tank. Almost new. Only opened to test. Comes with hanging kit, stand and wifi controller. Warranty with fish channel till 4th August. Box and receipt still intact. Heres a review of it https://reefbuilders.com/2016/06/09/zetlight-ufo-led-is-more-than-j I can offer free delivery if purchased by 9th March. After that is collection at tampines Bought new for $450. Total going for $300
  18. Hi, I would like to sell the following items. The collection area is around Hougang MRT or Mall vicinity. Please pm me if you are keen. Thanks. Maxspect R420R 16,000K 160W LED lights - $350 Maxspect R420R 16,000K 120W LED lights - $300 3. AOL AL-60 mini chiller - $190
  19. Hi all, Selling one of my two months only used new OceanRevive® Arctic-T247 Full Spectrum Dimmable 120W. Some unopened items (Remote, Hanging kits) Reason: I have two and one seems sufficient for my tank. - Suitable for 2 feet to 3 feet tanks. - Nice Shimmering effect / Bright LEDs - Hanging kit , Holder, Remote all new with pack -Unopened - as I used my other set's remote and kits. https://www.amazon.com/OceanRevive%C2%AE-Arctic-T247-Spectrum-Dimmable-Aquarium/dp/B00YOYD3K2 http://www.ukmarinelighting.co.uk/oceanrevive-artic-t247-marine-led-dimmable-lighting-unit-212-p.asp Bought at : 240 USD with shipment from VPost Selling at : 190 USD / 250 SGD Dealing at AMK Ave 1. Contact me at 861357o9 Can let it go for 220 SGD if deal in this week. Regards, Sam
  20. Selling a brand new in box zt6500. never open never used. good for 45cm to 70cm tank. Full spectrum 3 channels adjustable (white blue purple). Got many modes including sunrise sunset and others. You can find more detail description on the Zetlight ZT series at the following website http://iwarna.sg/index.php?route=product/product&path=59_62&product_id=727 selling at 340sgd self collect at baungkok mrt.
  21. selling my existing set from DE for 4 ft tank. Normal stand mount. everything works and in good condition. View n test first before buying. Interested pls pm. Thx $550
  22. After so many years in the hobby, decided to call it a day. All the equipments listed will be with Iwarna from tomorrow onwards and prices listed are fixed. I'll be listing the equipments into 2 section. 1st section are all new, bought them a year ago for new project but did not take off. 2nd section are used, but not more than a year because I did a major upgrade back then. No obligation to buy, no obligation to sell, so please refrain from posting any undesired remarks here for it just display on individual shallow etiquette. 1st Section Equipments (New) AI Hydra fifty-two - 3 units ($700 / unit) White x 2 units, Black x 1 unit. AI Director - 1 unit ($100) DD wire & stud kit for Vega LED - 2 unit ($48/unit) Jebao DC-9000 pump - 1 unit ($150/unit) Reef Design Magnet scrapper - 1 unit ($30/unit) Marine Magic 3 channel Dosing Pump - 1 unit ($160/unit) Aqua Zonic Trooper 88000 AC/DC air pump - 1 unit ($50/unit) Aqua UV Classic 25watt - 1 unit ($600/unit) Rio Hyperflow 14HF - 1 unit ($50/unit) 2nd Section Equipment (Used) Deltec skimmer SC 2060 - 1 unit ($980) Deltec skimmer SC 1455 - 1 unit ($250) BM skimmer NAC Q3 - 1 unit ($70) JNS Biopellets reactor - 1 unit ($80) Maxspect Gyre XF-150 - 1 unit ($200) Reef octopus water blaster HY-7000 - 1 unit ($180) Refractometer - 1 unit ($30)
  23. Dear all, I have the following items for sale: Sanrise Aqua Pro LED (30 cm) without WIFI controller (used for 3 months) - selling @ $260 Hailea HS28A 1/10 hp (used for 5 months) - selling @ $300 Reef Octopus OTP 1000 hang-on-back skimmer (used for 1 year 3 months) - selling @ $170 All items can be self-collected near the old Hougang Plaza, preferably from 8 pm onwards. If you are interested, please PM me. Thanks.
  24. Hi, I would like to sell the above which I have been using for my 3 feet aquarium for 15 months now. It's still in good condition and I still have the box with the hanging kit. I'm selling it for $400 and the collection area is around Hougang MRT or Mall vicinity. Please pm me if you are keen. Thanks.
  25. Clearing away these items. Back when I was in reefing, I bought alot of pieces for DIY and for projects, but have long stopped keeping marine fishes and no point to keep them in my storeroom. 1) Heatsink plate (silver) - 24cm x 7.5cm x (2.2cm thickness) - $12 (all brand new with no holes drilled) Many pieces available 2) Heatsink Black (Small) - 30cm x 12cm x 2cm (thickness) - $15 (many pieces available) 3) Heatsink Black (Big) - 45cm x 12cm x 2 cm - $20 (many pieces available) Take note that these are new, but definitely some small marks here and there due to transporting 4) Power Adaptor (3 - 6 x 3W Led)- Suitable for 3 to 6 pieces of 3W LED. - $15 5) Power Adaptor (9 - 12 x 3W Led) - Suitable for 9 to 12 pieces of 3W LED - $20 (multiple pieces available) 6) Switch - $3 (I use it to connect to the adaptor) - multiple piece available 7) Acrylic Light Stand (4 pieces per set) Can be used to fix on the Heat sink. - $15 per set Note: You will have to use bolts and nuts to secure to the heat sink Kindly PM me or msg me at 91084088. Meetup at YCK/AMK Area
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