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  1. Interested bro. Stay in the west as well. when and where to collect? do PM me. thanks!
  2. im not using red sea specifically but im using the red sea coral pro salt. i never encountered this type of problem before. usually my water will clear up within an hour. maybe u got the contaminated batch of salt.
  3. hahaha! same here. decided to have a hospital tank and do some copper treatment. polylab too expensive. hope it will work!
  4. bro, any photos? photos says a thousand words. so maybe some of us here can benefit from seeing the photo of the setup rather by reading it.
  5. Hi bro. im sure there are a few fishes that feeds on clam. but if u go for a reef safe fishes, im pretty sure its gonna be fine. the only thing u have to worry are those pyramid snails that hitch hike together with the clam. they gonna eat ur clam up!
  6. mine is a pair. no fights or whatsoever. got it from Henry. There are house together in the same tnak. and i managed to got my pair to eat live brine shrimp!
  7. Thank god i came across this forum. Few of my fishes are undergoing copper treatment. Just started just now. Blue tang, Copperband butterflyfish, emperor juve.
  8. Clownfish collected by Bro Steel Toe. Thanks to the rest for showing interest.
  9. Yup. 6 line wrasse does the job. i got one prior to the nudibranch attack. and up till now, i dont see any nudibranches!
  10. Nice hammer u got there. Goodluck for ur mini nemos!
  11. So there wont be any issues right? alright. cause i tought of adding new sands to my current tank. Alright then! thanks bros.
  12. Hi guys. Was just wondering. Lets say i already have an existing tank, and decided that i would like to add a few more BRAND NEW sands, can i mix them in together in the DT? taking into consideration that the new sands are not cycled yet. Will it affect the water parameters? Or it cannot be done at all? Cheers!
  13. Giving away approx 1.5" maroon clownfish. Bought from CF earlier today but fought with my existing true perc upon introduction. Collection at Bukit Batok. Fish already in trap box. ready for collection.
  14. I have not tried polylab medic personally. But Henry recommended that when i was having trouble with ich. He guaranteed me it will work 100% but i didnt buy it in the end cause it do cost a bomb. so personally, i have not tried it but Henry swears by it. Maybe other reefers here who have tried it before can recommend.
  15. oe way is to remove the infected fish and treat with copper on a hospital tank. the other one is u can try polylab Medic that can be dose on DT. but it caused a bomb.
  16. hows ur elegance doing now bro? still bubbling up?
  17. Yup. I on mine 12 hours a day.12-6 on white light. 6-8 on mix. and 8-12 on blue light.
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