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  1. Kindly note WP40 & WP60 wavemaker with individual controller letting go for $50 & $70 respectively.
  2. Replica rocks entire set last offer going for $90 only. Come and get it. My loss is your gain. Contact me fast for collection. Thanks.
  3. Skimmer paid and pending for collection. Left with wave controller and replica rocks. Both items are in good condition. Looking to clear fast so if getting both items will give bundle deal for $220.
  4. Collection for items 1 to 3 will be at Yishun area. Updates: All fishes have been sold and collected by a nice bro. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Kindly refer to the pics for the items listed for sale: 1) Replica ROCKS (Whole Set up) - $160 2) WP60 wave controller - $100 3) C7 Bubble-magus skimmer - $100 Fishes are all feeding well and have been with me for around 2 years. 4) Yellow belly Regal - $65 5) Tang (Forgotten abt the name) - $45 6) Marine Betta Pair : $85 7) Yellow Wrasse - $8 8) Solar Wrasse - $8 9) 3 orange clowns : $10 Note: Fishes can only be caught after the replica rocks are sold. Keen buyers, pls liaise with me via sms or watsapp at 98564497. Thanks for your interest.
  6. All sold n collected...thks sgreef...pls help close tread mod. ..once again thks
  7. Yellow mask angel pair consider sold...deposit received. ..thks all
  8. Hi, Decomm Sale so letting go the following fishes: 8 inch Sohal Tang for $140 Yellow Mask Pair Female around 3.5 inch and Male around 4.5 inch both for $120 Hybrid Powder Blue around 3 inch : $50 Kindly refer to video for the above fishes. All fishes are healthy and feeding well. Do contact me at 98564497 to deal. Thanks. 20151023_082141.mp4
  9. Is this a powder blue or black?? Its blue in colour...but powder blue dont have yellow tail...so im wondering. .
  10. Will still b a fowlr bro...but this time will take it very slowly. ..
  11. hi bro...now only left sohal tang smaller piece...the rest all rip due to power trip bro..
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