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  1. Any algae blenny and zebra morays still available? And could you please pm me the price?
  2. Looking for the above mentioned tank. Whole tank set is welcome as well, or even similar tanks like the IM Fusion 25. Basically need the tank, light set, and ATO. If it comes with live rock that would be even better. You can contact me at 8121-9658
  3. Hey bro Smirkdegecko, could you contact me at the contact number provided above?
  4. Tunze 9004 would be welcome too contact me at 81219658 if you have any of these or similar stuff. Thank you! - Kamil
  5. Hi guys, I am currently looking for a HOB or Small but good skimmer that can fit into an IOS. Preferably a Bubble Magus E3.
  6. Hi, I would like to purchase a nano tankset of 1.5 feet or less, preferably with cabinet, skimmer and pump. Please whatsapp me at 81219658 with your price and some pictures if possible. Thank you! - Kamil
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