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  1. Ups. $140... looking to clear fast. It’s taking up too much space
  2. Wts used Hailea HS28A chiller. 1/10hp Bought second hand. Dont know how old but works perfectly. Upgraded to new external temp probe. Viewing with no obligations can be arranged. PRICE: $150 Refer to attached pictures. Collection at 210048 Farrer Park. Whats@pp me at 9o483353 for fast reply. I might miss your PM.
  3. HI guys, clearing off some items due to change of plan. Refer to the attached pictures for reference 1. IM NUVO 20 - $100 selling due to change of plans. Tank has some scratches. Not for fussy buyers. Viewing with no obligations can be arranged. Do note tank only comes with return pump and a tank cover. 2. Refractometer - $30 Almost brand new condition. No rust or scratches on the glass. Will throw in a calibration liquid for free. 3. Ph meter - $25 Comes with calibration sachets and manual 4. Innovative marine Desktop media Reactor - $70 Brand
  4. Hi guys im clearing my livestock as i decided to change projects. I have 3 designer clowns to let go. All fishes very healthy and feeding on everything (pellets,mysis,copepods etcs) 1. Black Snowflake $80 PAIR 2. Black gladiator clownfish 3. Black storm clownfish $200 The gladiator and storm clown is a pair so will only release as a pair. Refer to pictures and video. I try to show the fishes from all angles. Collection at Farrer Park Keen pm me or whatsapp @ 9o483353 1966673656_WhatsAppVideo202
  5. Hi all, wtb ATS, algae turf scrubber for my nano tank. Looking for those hang-on type in particular. Do pm me if you have any. Thank you!
  6. Looking for chaeto. Pm me if you have any. THANK YOU!!
  7. 3 superman disco polyps and 1 big bunch of pulsing xenia. Super fast grower. Picture of mother for reference. price : $30 collection at dorset road , farrer park, 210048 contact me @ 9zero48335Three
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