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  1. Wts 7-8cm stable feeding Naso Tang @$20 Reason for sale other fish aggresive towards it. Collection NE. PM if interested
  2. Feeding on pellets and mysis. Abt 5-6cm. Selling at $40 Reason for sale bigger Angel bullying Emperor so cant coexist. Collection at NE. Also open to trade for bigger Emperor / other angels / Tangs. PM if interested
  3. WTS 8 damsels as a set @$25 3 & 4 striped - 4pcs Domino - 3pcs Yellow Belly - 1pc Collection NE. PM me if interested
  4. Have 5 yellow chromis abt 7-8cm for sale at $25. Also willing to trade for false percula, clarki, sebae, saddeback clownfishes or other small fishes. PM if interested.
  5. Also open to trade with Tangs fishes (top up as required) Sohal, Clown, Naso etc. PM to discuss
  6. $380 with free red sea supplements for fast deal. PM if interested
  7. Good working condition, no box. Selling $390. Usual price $580 https://madpetzonline.com/products/maxspect-gyre-xf330-two-pumps-set PM if interested. The Maxspect Gyre XF330 Bundle (2x9000 GPH Pumps with controller) features a new water moving technology called Crossflow Technology which produces massive horizontal water movement, results in evenly-distributed flow rate throughout the entire aquarium, thereby leaving virtually no dead spots. The massive horizontal water movement is something that traditional powerheads and wavemakers are not capable of delivering. Maxspect Gyre causes water to bounce back from the other side to create a full circulation, ie. generating gyre flows. As a result, dead spots are virtually eliminated.
  8. Left 1 good working condition AI Hydra 52 HD Light @$400. Mount stand $100. Take light & Mount stand together @ $480.
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