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  1. Weird...i got the exact same thing as yours from daiso...
  2. Was wondering if this is reef safe cause i notice it is made of wood painted white...wonder if the paint is safe for inverts and corals?
  3. Can check if this rocks were use in fowl or reef?
  4. I have the same thing..i was wondering if it was the cause of my fish lose...each fish has bite marks on it
  5. I switched from red sea coral to the pro version....noticed polyp open better...but for pro cannot mix for too long in your container if not the water will get cloudy..also...before using the salt remember to roll the barrel around couple of times to make sure the salt is properly as during storage the ingredients might settle down leading to inconsistent parameters
  6. Remember to recalibrate the refrac from time to time
  7. Maybe when i get new livestock ill show a demonstration
  8. Just use a simple clothes peg and clip it to the glass of the tank lo
  9. Only in the image is the valve above...usually it hangs around the base of the bottle where i clamp it on my bracing using those pegs
  10. My tank has bracing where i can put the bottle on. As for the bags of livestock will be in the tank, its way below the bottom of the bottle. As for siphoning just use mouth ...haha as long as the water reach the air valve can stop sucking and prevent getting saltwater into mouth.
  11. This way at least you can control the drip amount per tube accordingly using the respective air valve
  12. Dunnoe if this is considered DIY but what i did was get airline tubing with a 3 way air valve and stick together as the picture below. Of cause the bottle can be as big as u want. Just make sure the tupperware where your livestock is in can contain all the water if no overflow gg I use 3 so that i can acclimatise 3 different bags of livestock at one go as it sits in the tank water
  13. Marine life at clementi selling just went yesterday still avail.
  14. Microbactor 7 is good for growing ur beneficial bacteria...
  15. Those clownfish hosting anenome from what i see usually just nick on whatever that lands near the anenome and never go beyond unless its starving
  16. How big are your clownfish? Ive never seen my clownfish eat when i put food in but somehow they are always fat
  17. I also have one more than a feet long...after discovering its existence in my tank ive never ever dared going near the rock where it stays with my bare hands...seems to do no harm though...good to know it eats up all the left over food in my tank
  18. Ya was planning on getting that but im afraid that in the future if an equipment is really faulty and the voltage shot up, the probe will complete the circuit thus a possibility of killing all my life stock
  19. Ya did that current reads 0 but voltage at 10. So was wondering if 10v was normal for pumps since to my knowledge the magnetic rotation in the pumps do create voltage to a certain degree
  20. Thing is the eheim pump for my chiller and return is brand new and im afraid to get a grounding probe for my tank cause of in th event that a equipment really fails...the probe will complete the circuit
  21. Why not to be safe tentitively get it out of your tabk and put it in your sump? Can always use the water bottle trick with some dead market prawns. Did this when i initially got my liverock. Managed to catch 3 red hairy ones and a black hairy one
  22. Looks cool, saw one at henry. So tempted to get one and keep it in my sump [emoji16]
  23. Wow the colours looks awesome...may i know what kind of anenome is this
  24. Btw im using the reef octopus nw sss150...when i adjust the settings towards minimum..the bubble level in the cone actually increases...maybe you can try going to max?
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