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Found 7 results

  1. Selling the following medium size (4 - 8cm) fishes all for $100. I am converting to coral reef tank + small fishes and cannot keep them. Pls pm privately if interested: 1. Clown Trigger 2. Frog Fish (Dark Red) 3. Picasso Trigger 4. Dog Nose Puffer 5. Porcupine Puffer 7. Blue (Nigger) Trigger
  2. It is often amaze to see a frogfish as one of the most unquie sea animal found in the ocean and in our aquarium. The frogfish is amazing able to blend itself perfectly with their surrounding in the ocean. Some of the frogfish have fleshly flaos that mimic algae, while others are covered in a warty texture which look identical to sponges or rubble. Frogfish are shallow water fish, living in a variety of substrates from algal flats, to rock strewn slopes, and sandy plains.Frogfish also vary greatly in size, from the size of your thumbnail to a slightly deflated soccer ball. They can perch themselves in uncanny positions and remain there for extended periods of time. A video of the frog fish feeding. A frogfish attracts and snags fish with the use of an illicium, a rod-and-lure-type spine that protrudes from the animal's forehead and dangles over its mouth. Once the prey approaches and attempts to bite on the tip of the illicium, the frogfish quickly opens its mouth wide and sucks in the animal. Because frogfish don't have teeth, the chemicals in their digestive track do most of the work of breaking down their prey. While Frog fish can be a very interesting ,fascinating and beautiful fish, it is not recommended for those new to keeping saltwater aquariums mainly due to it's diet. Live feed is necessary to get it to feed initially and slowly switching over to frozen food to remove it;s dependency on live feed.
  3. Wts two colour frogfishes between 2 to 2.5 inches for $25 each (bought for $40 from ah beng) to reduce bioload as I just bought a large angel with me for 4-5 weeks, healthy and eating well 1 black and 1 red changed colour to dark maroon please text me at 8218 0808 if keen deal in sengkang thanks!
  4. Hi... im letting go my 3 frogfish.. bout 1.5inch-2inch... 3 diff colour.. white, orange n yellow... but all the colours turning white due to my white dead rock... selling at $25 each... Collection will be at yishun ave 3 Pls contact me at 90096050
  5. Hi, looking for very small porcupine puffer and frogfish. pls contact me at 9062067, with pic, if u r selling any. thanks.
  6. Good day all, I have always been very intriqued by frogfish and other predator fishes. In my years of reefing, I have kept various tanks and species including black tip sharks, frogfish, bamboo shark, various species of stingrays etc. My latest tank is a Nano tank (34 lires) with the capacity to keep a maximum of 3 frogfish between 3-4 inches. I just got the tank recently from Ah beng (Pasir Ris LFS) and the brand is Oceanfree, it comes with a tank, pump and led lightings. However, you will have to get your own fan (Dymax recommended) to keep the temperature around 27-28 degrees. The latest addition is a 3 inch black frogfish and it is feeding on a healthy diet. Since there's no skimmer, the plan is to change 20% water volume every twice a week. Previously I have kept my frogfish in a 4x2x2 feet tank and they couldn't catch their prey, hence the change to a nano tank.
  7. Hey Guys, Just buy a white warty and placed in my 2 feet Sump tank.. Placed a few damsels in too.. I have been doing some reading that overfeeding isn't good. Is 3 damsels too many at a time? Also, my refugium area is pretty small (can check out the picture of the sump tank, picture was taken long ago, now its probably more packed with some corals). does it affect the warty much? By the way, this my office tank, no chiller(aircon is on most of the time). DIY 2 Feet Main and Sump Tank with Skimz overflow system. Cheapo Boyu Skimmer, 1200l return pump with t5 lightings
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