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  1. My guess is you should increase the water level to the suggested water level. As the depth of the protein skimmer also affects the level at which the bubble is produced
  2. The second one on closer inspection looks like an amphipod..they are both harmless
  3. You might wanna check this out http://www.masa.asn.au/masawiki/index.php/Hitchhikers_Guide_to_the_Reef_Tank ....the first one looks like the second identified
  4. Check the ingredient as long as its just seaweed will be fine.
  5. Dang thats one big DIY project, big enough to have a beah party! Cant wait to see the end product!!!
  6. I used a multimeter to test with the black side in the earth hole
  7. Pen doesnt light up but multimeter reads 10v. Wondering if thats normal since pumps too generate volts due to the magnetic propeller
  8. I really hope so. I thought at first it was but the sting only happens at the surface of the water. As i go deeper the pain subsides
  9. Nitrate can go as high as it wants depending on how much decaying is happening. For my 40 gallon with 2 rotting prawns from shengsiong the highest it went was 40.
  10. Just got a multimeter and tested my water. The total voltage is 10 but no current. I wonder if this is alright since ive heard that pumps actually do put out some voltage as they use magnets to operate.
  11. +1 to what erikokelf said. Since your ammonia level has decreased to 0. It will take time for nitrite to slowly go down as the bacteria colony is building. Mine took about 1 and a half months to cycle. But thats because i kept throwing in dead prawns to make sure my system is able to bring ammonia and nitrite down to 0 within 24 hours. Just leave the tank alone for maybe a week and test it after. Either that or your test kit could be faulty or expired. All the best and update when everything is settled!!
  12. Going to get a multimeter soon and check my water. Hopefully it's not the cause of a faulty equipment since I got them all brand new. Fingers crossed.
  13. Alright cool thanks a lot! !! Just a concern I had since I did change from a canister to a slump about 5 months ago and the sting got a lot more potent!
  14. The thing is, the initial touch at the water surface causes the sting but when when I reach Lower into the water column the ting subsides
  15. Hello everybody, I started my reef tank approximately 7 months back. whenever I have a cut on my fingers I feel a tingle sensation when I put it in the tank (mostly at the surface of the water, dissipates when I reach lower into the tank). The only plausible reason I could think of is the a/m. Any senior reefers out there got any input can help? Thanks!! [emoji3]
  16. Could be just the coral excreting their waste?
  17. Are you using tap or ro/di water? What's your water parameters?
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