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  1. during the dinosaur exhibition saw they selling. Not sure after all the hype still have. I didnt go to bugis yesterday so didnt pass by the shop at newton. Why u into fossil?
  2. I may be wrong but so far the clips I see on YouTube. Even in pulse mode, the long tentacles Lps seem to show the same effect of a single source pump. From the clips, The pump is installed such that surface agitation is quite strong, which generates bubbles. So wonder if there's anyone who install it at a lower height. But if by placing the unit lower into the tank, the advantage of the linear pump might become the disadvantage as the flow would be directing at the whole area of the tank. So the pump strength cannot be too strong if it is installed at a lower level. If pump is installed vertically, I think pple with sand bed definitely have sandstorm. Hope tat there will be more clips showing the pump installed in different height horizontally and vertically and in Dsb tanks.
  3. ya, turn right is istana. Left is cte. Straight is towards little India. I may drive pass there tomorrow. Keep a look out for the name. Have u tried science centre? I think also have.
  4. I remember I saw one shop along the road near Newton. There's a company selling all the exotic cars and then a shell petrol station. After the shell station, there are some shophouses, with 1 having a fossil. Not sure really selling fossil. Another one http://fossilcollector.wordpress.com/shop/
  5. Firstly, to be competitive all boils down to low input and high output. But how a company run its show will depend on how much output it can get. A company with a horde of MPs sitting in as directors drives up the cost of operation. Singapore is like a company. The hordes of ministers n mps, with their remuneration package n pension, how much goes to these "operation" cost to govern a tiny island and still make mistakes which so many commoner non scholars on the streets foresee tat. Question I have in mind is some of our ministers are also sitting in on temasek n gic. Are they drawing another salary? They keep emphasising the citizens to contribute n volunteer, so whu cant they volunteer to work for free in certain designations & doing their bit to help the system? The list can go on for remaining competitive. But they always subject the pple to all the competitive except they themselves cannot be placed in such situations.
  6. If he listens, then he will never cry during erection.... Can't believe he said he wanted Singaporeans to be wary that someone will steal yr lunch. Think he learnt the theory from the watershed at aljunied. To make the voice heard, it should be tic for tat....
  7. Refurnished hawker centres, and sell to private companies and rental hike, kill the hawker fare then now talk say wan to preserve hawker fare. But rental already go up so can't come down. Kill the wet markets and sell to private companies again indirectly increase the cost of living. Now ask the farmers to increase productivity and only then will consider their land bid. In the first place those land are around sensitive areas where our military bases are. So u can't build bloody high rise hotels and other commercial building. So those Land can only be used for agricultural purposes. So there's no demand for these land for other purposes. But now this scenario will be creating an effect similar to rental hike. Now to increase bloody productivity, u need to invest in equipments to do tat. But to recoup all these investments within a short period of time and the uncertainty of lease, which investors would do tat? So either u close shop or just pass the cost to the consumers. Ya I know, there's what productivity funds to tap into. Then came the house renov cement must use those environmental friendly cement which cost much more.... Dun know wat is there to prove.... Tat we are an environmental conscious country? Then stop building so many shopping centres consuming electricity and contribute to green house effect. K&N......
  8. Upzzz for u. Though I prefer to know Ann kok's wonder bra size...
  9. the lease is also shorter. Meaning u spend money to build up the infrastructure and need to recoup all these within 10yrs. From news, seems like garment wan to build new Tengah town. So military give up land for housing, so military take land from farming.
  10. and shopping centres so they can collect rent, indirectly increase land cost. Seems like This is the only way they know how to spin the money. Talking abt productivity, why can they reduce the no of ministers and increase their productivity? Have more MPs instead cos u find nea, nea say lta, lta say hdb, hdb say nea.... 1 minister govern all would solve all these. I went to ah bak place. He told me him n coral farm affected. Lck201 told me neo tiew not affected. Those starts will lim chu kang affected only. The bloody relocation also cannot guarantee for how many years. Then farmers need to increase price to make up the loss. Price increase pass to consumers. Can the ruling party give the citizens a break?
  11. hi I can give u some GSP for free, size abt 5cm by 2cm. They are growing on my sand. not attached to rock work. Am at bukit panjang. If interested, pm me. Pls bring your own container. Thanks.
  12. i tried before buying a anemone clown shrimp. Put direct into anemone. There goes an expensive meal.... The anemone just close before my eyes and I never seen the shrimp again..... Maybe need to put shrimp near to anemone for foreplay first....
  13. wah smoking thread gets a new member to make first post. I agreed wif u life is short, real short. Now already almost near yr end. Just feel like last yr Xmas just passed by recently.
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