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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was actually planning to also get an AT after the sohal[emoji23][emoji23] Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Thank you all for your help !! After so much advice I believe I'm ready to get myself a sohal !! Will update here when my tank is up and ready and when I finally acclimated and place it into the tank [emoji1303] really appreciate all your help !! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA yes especially when it comes to tangs.. always having problems with diseases. Any idea how much will the cost be for a nice big size sohal? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. My purple is quite a big size tang, aggression the typical PT type quite aggressive, Clown tang wise I got a small one but even though it's the smallest among my tangs now it shows a very high level of aggression that even the other tangs will not mess with it... HAHAHAHAHAHA I was planning to get a huge stable sohal from another reefer or LFS. Any idea how much will a nice show size sohal cost ? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. That's really good ! Is it hard to get it to feed at first ? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. I'm planning to keep it in a 6ft tank.. aggression is what I worry as I currently have quite a few tangs, purple, yellow, sailfin, blue & clown tang. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Dear Reefers, I'm planning to trade off my brand new bubblemagus G9 Skimmer for fishes around that price range? Reason for trading, height of the skimmer is way too tall and it doesn't fit into my sump at all. Bad judgement and not measuring before purchasing.. Bought it for $400. Hoping to trade it for big tangs like sohal tang for my 6ft or maybe a gold flake angel or something else ! Hit me with anything below !
  8. Anybody have any luck with this beauty ? How big is your tank to accommodate it and types of food?
  9. Can anybody review the product ? Ich has been a perm thingy in my tank but my fishes somehow overcome it.. but whenever i introduce new fishes in, you can see ice all over it but however my current stable fishes are doing well. Wanting to treat my tank for good. I've a tang dominated tank, soft corals & LPS. Was hoping to give this a try ! Hope to get some good feedbacks. Thanks
  10. alright guys after months of fighting with green algae problems ! i finally manage to clean it !! Rocks wise, i got a lawn mower blenny from pinnacle ! at first he doest really do much but after a week or so it started cleaning like crazy !! Sand wise, i got a sand sifter star and a couple of nassarius snails but you still need to do monthly maintenance to the sand bed not really a big issue though. One experience on my own is that i kinda dislike having hermits in my tank now, I've got 2 blue legged hermit and yes i do see them cleaning but majority of the time they are actually quite stro
  11. Currently i have a sand sifter star, 2 nassarius snails, 2 turbo, 1 sea hare and 2 blue legged hermit but they don't seem to be doing anything.. always hiding under the sand not moving.. only comes out when i do feeding.. algae problems still there.. hermits does simple job but is toppling my corals everywhere ....
  12. My yellow tang or snails aren't really doing the job well... or am i feeding them too much? i do rotifer & mysis every two days
  13. It's a sea hare a sea slug? Where did you get that blenny bro ? Compare Algae eating Blenny and Sandsifting gobies is there a difference?
  14. Cannot seem to go into live aquaria website anymore Sorry for the late replies, Current in my tank i have blue legged hermit, naserius snails, turbo snails but the sand is still brown ~
  15. Bro, I fed it with Mysis Shrimp, Bottle Rotifer and garlic extract. Mixed the 3 together and soak it for awhile before feeding it directly onto it.
  16. Hi all reefers, When i first started out my 2ft nano tank, i only had live rocks and sand. Flitration wise, its a back overflow tank, so I'm having standard sponge, bio balls, ceramic pills and a protein skimmer Running on LED lights only ~ Temp no fan , only air con at night as it sits in my room so when I'm home there is air con. Question here ! After less than one month of cycling my tank, i decided to get a pair of clownfish as starter fish and then i was tempted to get a RBTA to go with it. P.S its not my first tank And so yes i did it, went back home, drip acclimate the RBTA and t
  17. Hello All, Ive always got issues with my tank having brown algae invading my entire white clean sandbed Any tips on how to prevent it ? I was told to get a strong skimmer and hermit crabs but my crabs aren't really doing the job !! They tend to just walk all over the rocks instead of shifting sand.. Thanks =)
  18. Hi All, I've been into Saltwater fishes for a year already. Currently having a 2ft tank really simple set up just LED lightings, a hang on back filter with ceramic and a wave maker. Nothing much though? inside my tank has only sand, no live rock and a pair of clownfish. Was wanting to expand my tank/hobby ! Hoping to find out where can i buy cheap 2.5ft or 3ft tank with those overflow compartment at the back so i can add a skimmer and more bio filtration to be able to keep more fishes and hoping for corals ~ Any advise on where can i get cheap tanks ? or anyone selling a chea
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