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  1. Sorry only the pump left. PS: For your hospital tank, usually a big sponge filter with air pump is good enough. Fish is already stressed and i find the lesser flow, plus some hiding spots, seems to lower stress levels.
  2. Hi all, looking for either a yellow canary wrasse (Halichoeres Chrysus) or a Canarytop Wrasse (Halichoeres Leucoxanthus). Or please let me know if you've seen any recently. Not sure why I haven't seen usually this affordable and common wrasse at the few LFS i frequent. Pm me location and price please! Thanks
  3. Used Seio M1100 pump. Turns 4400 liters per hour, should be good for 3-4 feet tanks. comes with all pictured accessories. $20 Brand new Gex Slim filter M size. Box a bit damaged but item inside is fine. $20 Deal at Pasir Panjang, pm me for more details!
  4. Hi, putting up my rainbow wolf fish (erythrinus erythrinus sp Peru) for adoption. He's quite shy and is currently recovering from an eye infection in the left eye (there's a small air bubble in his eye) and colour is not the best. He also jumps when scared, so make sure your tank is covered. I recommend at least a 2ft tank with floating plants and some pipes for hiding. Eats anything (worms, frozen seafood, pellets etc) and MAY be aggressive, I'm not sure as I've always kept him alone. Also note he's a Peru variant so the colour is not the same as the usual rainbow wolf fish. Unfortunately he's very fast so I can't really take pics of him, can only show video and provide a Google image of his colour scheme. Click the YouTube link to see him in action. Please note this is a freshwater fish and he cannot tolerate salt at all. Collection at Pasir Panjang, pm me for more details! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. Pm'd you, thanks Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Forgot to add some pics for better visualisation. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Hi all. Have a strange situation to deal with. I have a 4ft tank FOWLR with fish below 4" size for about 3 years. It contains the following livestock: 1. Red banded shrimp 2. Cleaner shrimp 3 tailspot blenny 4. Yellow coral goby 5. Pincushion urchin 6. Freckled hawkfish 7. Six line wrasse 8. Narcissus Snail x 3 9. Some random brittle stars (10 cent sized body) Over the last 2 months, I have tried adding different fish into the tank but all have been mysteriously attacked. I will sometimes observe the fish looking stressed and having fin or scale damage one day, then next day they are missing. So far I have the following fish issues in sequence: 1. Laboutei wrasse 3" (missing) 2. Mcosker flasher wrasse 2" (missing) 3. Lubbock's wrasse 3" (rescued) 4. Firefish 3" (missing) 5. Naoko wrasse 3" (rescued) So far it seems like I am unable to add more fish unless I isolate the problem. The 2 wrasse I rescued are housed in a separate partition with a dwarf lion, no problems so far as they are same size. Any idea who the culprit is? I only observed the 6 line wrasse (only 1.5") bullying the wrasses so I isolated it, but the attacks continued. The tank is loosely covered with plastic mesh, at least 90%. So chance of them jumping out is also low. I tried spying on the tank at night with a red light bit so far didn't see anything weird. The only strange thing I observed is the Naoko wrasse sleeping on the sand and the narcissus snails where crawling on top of it. I'm really running out of ideas what it could be. Hope all sifus can advise. Thanks! Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Still waiting for a new home!
  9. Didn't own it long enough to advise you, but the thing i learnt the hard way is to never never ever let it come into contact with air. Made the mistake of transporting mine between office and home tank years ago, netted it out of the water, put it in a small container with an airstone... ended up even the airstone's current was too much and the frogfish was spinning around like in a washing machine. after that it couldn't really walk on the floor, floated about weirdly and died within 1 night. Read up online later that they can easily get air stuck in their stomach and have to be manually "burped" or they will die swiftly. It was a bad day
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