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  1. Currently being reserved and pending for collection. Will update again.
  2. Best price at $55 to clear a good working LED Light. I will show the light in good working condition upon collection and show on how to setup the light
  3. The light only running at 50% - 60% with only the Blue & Violet light for a 12G Nano Tank
  4. Just to add that the light is used less than a year only Open for reasonable offer for fast deal !
  5. Price reduce to $58 for fast deal ! The LED light is useful for Nano Tank setup
  6. Just to add a photo that the LED Light comes with the Stand for mounting
  7. Release a good working condition LED Zetlight ZA1201 WiFi (Setting can be done via an App on phone) at ONLY $65. Attached are videos just taken on the LED Light with diff intensity setting. Contact me at Nine430 899Three for Viewing & Collection in Sengkang. More information on the LED Zetlight is available @ for reference https://zetlight.com/aqua-series-m-p00100p1.html IMG_6142.MOV IMG_6143.MOV IMG_6144.MOV
  8. Update on a video just taken on the new setup - 12G Display Tank (DT) and 12G “Sump” Tank. Although my KH is kind of low at 5.4, so far the Zoas are doing ok. I am looking at to raise the KH level and hope that will not affect the Zoas. IMG_6128.MOV
  9. I was shared by a friend that his concern is K1 might generate lots of Nitrate. Actually, I have noticed that not many Reefer using K1 media at all for their reef tank. I am also not very sure whether K1 is good or not for a reef marine tank. But, I am very sure that K1 is very good for fresh water tank. After further consideration, I have decided to keep the K1 going and will monitor the possible / potential benefits for reef marine tank if it works. I am open for any opinions from reefers here in this forum to share their thoughts, opinion or experience in terms of K1 media for reef marine tank. There is no right or wrong answer, mainly just for sharing purposes
  10. I would like to share something that I thought might be good in using K1 media in the 12G “Sump” Tank on my new setup 12G Reef Display Tank (DT), but, to my horror that K1 media is not quite appropriate for Reef Tank. As such, I will be progressively remove the K1 media and replace with the normal media over the next two weeks in order not to shock the overall system. Following is my 1st full test on the water Parameters and will monitor on the stability of the water Parameters. > Ammonia NH3 = 0 > Nitrite NO2 = 0 > Nitrate NO3 = 10 (borderline) > Calcium Ca = 460 (borderline) > Magnesium Mg = 1290 > Alkalinity KH/ALK = 5.4 (too low) > Phosphate PO4 = 0.03
  11. Wow, very nice 10G Nano Tank !
  12. Do PM or message me at Nine430 899Three if you have a Brown Tang or Sailfin Tang to release Prefer location in Hougang, Sengkang and Puggol. Thanks
  13. It has been a while since my last update in End-May 2021. Before I post any new photos, I would like to share my thoughts and ideas of setting up the Two Nano Tanks (both are 12G): A. One is a 12G Display Tank (DT) + 12G of “sump” for more water volume and better filtration B. One is a 12G Frag Tank and also be used as a Quarantine Tank (QT) to house newly purchased frag before transfer to the DT. C. Decision and Considerations of going for 12G Nano Tank rather than bigger size / capacity are as following: 1. Less Cost in terms of Food / Salt / Equipment etc. to feed the Fishes and Corals / Water Mixed / Setup etc. due to limited capacity and size of the tanks 2. Less Time in terms of Water Change even doing twice a week of 10% Water Change due to limited capacity and size of the tanks 3. Less Effort in terms of doing all the maintenance works such as Cleaning etc. due to limited capacity and size of the tanks 4. Less Selections / Choices of variety in terms of Fishes and Corals to be placed due to limited capacity and size of the tanks. As such, I will need to be very selective in terms of what Fishes and Corals to be placed for the DT. Nevertheless, I am happy with limited Selections / Choices on the Fishes and Corals in view of the above benefits - Less Cost, Time and Effort for keeping Two Nano Tanks Both tanks now are fully ready and I will be providing an update with photos in my next post
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