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  1. Thanks i have done lots of reading about settling up and maintaining a Nano Reef Tank and there is always new knowledge to learn about. I really looking forward for my 1st Nano Reef tank setup journey!
  2. Following is the latest test result which shows good progress of the cycling where Ammonia is depleting and both Nitrite and Nitrate is edging up. Looking forward to achieve the following to be consider as completion of the cycling process: 1. Ammonia < 0.2 ppm or 0 2. Nitrite < 0.2 ppm or 0 Above to be the desire result one day after 2 ppm ammonia is added Will then do a 50% of water change and monitor for another week before add two clown fish to the cycled tank.
  3. While the tank is currently going through the cycling process, it gives me time to do more reading regards the following topics in order to be more prepared after the completion of the cycling process: Stocking up of the tank Proper water change preparation as well as how to change to a diff brand of salt if needed Lighting schedule Dipping for newly acquired Coral and Fish Regular maintenance works to be carried out : Cleaning the tank Water change Dosing / Top-up of additives to the desire of water Parameters D
  4. I would like to share the info in the video below from BRS 5-Minute Guide is useful and helpful in the my stocking plan:
  5. Just to update on the test kits / station that I am using and results of my 1st test while the tank is still cycling. Test kits / station that I setup for water parameters testing: 1st test result on Ammonia 1st test result on Nitrite 1st test result on Nitrate
  6. Noted with thanks on info sharing
  7. Noted with thanks for sharing Tank still cycling and will be a slow process when ready for stocking.
  8. Noted with thanks for sharing
  9. After doing much of online readings, I kind of decided on the stocking plan for the 12G Nano Reef Tank when the tank completes the cycling process. I must mention that all photos shown in the video (with the exception of the 12G Nano Tank) are owned by various owners that I found online. I am just referring to the photos in the video for me to share my stocking plan for the 12G Nano Reef Tank after the completion of the cycling process. The stocking process will be a slow process (which will takes weeks and months) from what I have learned and I really hope that I can achieve a nice
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