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  1. Still have a big piece of electric daisy mother colonly letting go at $50. Hawk eye $15
  2. Clearing all this small fragment Take all for $25
  3. Since 2 days like this Do a 5 min idione dip now. 3 drops to 200ml of water.
  4. Maybe add some plating monti on the right side to create the contrasting look of the Acropolis?
  5. Lovely scape with witty intention.
  6. Turn my chalice to the other side.. Spotting my blue pigments on the red..
  7. Using a normal phone...More corals photos
  8. 2 x Coral stand $15 brand new Salifert Calcium test kit $18 (Till Nov 2021)
  9. Reduce to $30. No PH probe. the probe can buy online for $10
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