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  1. Sunburst monti $25. The white part is detritus covering it, is healthy. 5cm Green hulkeye $20 10+pp Orange eye zoas $30
  2. I got this Ignore the white part as it is covered with detritus previously. 92954138
  3. Scolly, prata, Frank mushroom or nice corals
  4. Caperplus wifi temp monitoring still available Retail $80
  5. Will guide accordingly how to dose to maintain your tank
  6. ATO gravity tank 5L $10 brand new fluval breeding box $15 retail $30
  7. Comes with temp probe that will sound alarm if exceed certain degree u set.
  8. $120 Fully working. Full set with dosing tubes Very accurate
  9. 1cm x 1cm $100 Free red polyp tenius med size frag
  10. Can't answer the 3 of your questions. The price is based on market sentiments and historical transactions. Usually more difficult zoas corals are more pricey due to the rarity. Some ppl like to play collections and keep oddballs, some just buy based on color or price that they are comfortable. There are no hard rules as each reefers has their own style and choice - which makes the hobby unique.
  11. OG bounce mushroom, healthy and stable. Big vesicles Open to trade for any nice coral or fish specimens Size: 2.5cm x 2.5cm If keen, can PM https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6592954138
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