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  1. One of the hardest bali gonio. Trying again
  2. Plating Galaxy monti with subtle blue polyps
  3. Bright, and good for beginners to try $15 92954138
  4. It's nM Its not a plate, its a kind of encrusting corals. It will crust to rocks, if it is huge, it will be very nice and eye catching for sure
  5. Up. Bm = bubble magus The neck cleaner auto cleans the neck reducing work to clean the skimmer neck so often
  6. Purple monster $20 1pp Rainbow hornet $90 Rainbow circus zoas $30, 2pp Trade welcome 92954138 Circuit road
  7. When I get tired of the blue light, I look at my new purchased plant..
  8. Some of fav corals.. Spec krak zoas Rainbow loom sps Rainbow vdm zoas Will be showing more..
  9. 1st try on video recording and uploading...
  10. Equipment: Light : 2 x R80 Skimmer: Skimz skimmer sn147 Return pump: 6000L Maxspect jump Skimz Arylic sump Innovative midsize Reactor Maxspect Gyre xf280 single pump Maxspect Gyre xf230 single pump Kamoer X1
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