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  1. is it true some of the water conditioner can help prevent fish diseases for new fishes ?
  2. Ever considered going down to frame maker along kelantan lane to custom make one? I did my sump tank there for 40 dollars. And they are selling off a 3ft tank with overflow for $60. Somehow i feel that for your budget of $600, the frame maker can do evrything you want. Just my two cents..
  3. Ian, Is it the one in your tank the other day when i went to your house?
  4. I feel that the LFS should be more open about comments. When we complement some LFS, their business will definitely imporove as they find more reefer visiting their shop. If some comments are negative, they should look back on themselves and find out why their customers are commenting them this way and try to change. By calling the moderator and asking him to control the forum members really looks bad on the LFS.
  5. AT, Rest assure, the frag i took back is so small that i dun think it will have any effect on the colonies in tioman (Smaller than my palm). another reason for the small size was because i was afraid to get caught at the custom.. Anyway i will never take any corals from the sea again. Dowan to kill another LS due to my ignorance.
  6. Recently i did a most unethical thing a diver could have ever done. I took a small piece of Acros while diving in tioman. I managed to smuggled all the way back but when i reached home. I realised that the acros stinks like dead fish from the market and the sea water used to contain the acros turn brownish. Thinking that its dead, i juz dip the entire piece into fresh water and all the colours on the acros came out immediately leaving it totally white. I was wondering if i had made a wrong decision? So, is acros smelly in nature? Could the acros still be still alive even though it has stained the seawater? Sworn to myself never to steal anything from the sea again
  7. Blue terror, I think it is ok to put a mantis in a glass tank. In LCK 110 , they put their 4 " peacock in a acrylic cage and it has been staying there 4 ages w/o much problem. So i guess ur 1 feet shouldn't be a problem too.
  8. Woon ming, Roughly how much do u expect your electricity bill to increase by using a 1/3 hp chiller. think of getting one but dunno can tahan the bill or not
  9. yah... Usually purple or pinkish colour.
  10. Hendry, If you have seen this. Give discount to forum members!!
  11. Clowntrigger, Do you have the address for the LFS in hong kong? Cos i might be transit there when coming back from taiwan.. Onli got 1 afternoon so time is precious!!
  12. Clubfish, I disagree with you. I saw that farmmart uncle and his daughter in LCK 110 collecting LS from tiny. I believe it just collarboration between LFS that each will import stuffs that they can get at the cheapest price.
  13. Coralreef, Can try sealife balestier, they still have alot left the last time i went there. They are still selling them below $10 but i think you will need to cycle them for quite long cos the ammonia smell on the rocks is quite strong.
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