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  1. Bump this post. Item still available. Can whatsapp me at 87 49 99 87 for fast deal.
  2. Recently get it from a fellow reefer to try out for my nano tank. But still prefer kessil. So selling it off. This is not the blue version. This is the normal one. Comes with box and everything. Selling at 150. Self collect at my place.
  3. If chiller still available. Pm me thanks.
  4. $380 Throw in almost new polyp lab booster (rp:$35)
  5. Selling 1.5x1.5x1.5 IOS tank with cabinet (black) less than 2 months old. Sicce syncra 1.0 return pump Bubble magus qq2 Jebao sow 4 wave maker Aquaroche rock $400 no nego Self collect at Chinatown. WhatsApp 87499987
  6. Hi guys. Due to my busy working schedule. Need to give up on the hobby. Selling off my 1.5ft IOS tank set Tank 18x18x18 With cabinet Using sicce pump. Kessil A80 tuna Blue Bubble magus QQ2 Bio-home medias Jebao sow 4 wave maker. Take all at $500. Tank is 1 month plus old only. Will clean up after all corals is sold. Arrange own mover to self collect at Chinatown. WhatsApp 87499987
  7. Hi guys. Due to my work busy time schedule. I had to part with this wonderful hobby again. Looking to sell away all my corals. 1. 2 head branching bi-colour hammer $70 2. OZ purple tip 1 head hammer $50 3. Gold hammer 2 small branching heads. $50 4. 1 head bi-colour toxic hammer $40 5. 1 head Pink tip torch $60 6. 1 head Pink tip torch $40 7. 1 piece lumi GSP on Rock. About 3inch by 2 inch. Fully covered. $25. 8. Aquaroche Rock 12inch tall 8inch wide. $80 Please only WhatsApp me at 87499987. FCFS. If someone interested to take all at one go. Further discount will be given. VID_20201012_172701.mp4
  8. Hi guys. Recently just got 2 yellow tang from ABA. But the both of them keep fighting. So I have to let go of 1. Size is about 2inch to 2.5inch. Healthy and colouration is nice. Letting go at 70. Pick up at Chinatown. FCFS. WA 87499987
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