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  1. Hi all, I have a HG torch, splitting head that I'm letting go. Very bright yellow with real blue tips. Got it at a very high price and had been with me for more than a year. I'm looking to trade for bright red gonio colony (of a decent size) or ultra pratas/brains of similar value. Can be included as a make weight if you have a achilles tang for trade/sale. Whatsapp 965one49zero2. Cheers.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to let go a hybrid powder blue tang (with powder black) , very slightly above 2 inch. Price: $80 Will complete 14 day copper treatment and prazi gold this Sunday. Actively feeding on pellets. Reason for sale: want to get a pure hybrid powder blue and powder black. Whatsapp 965one49zero2.
  3. Up. One more pinkish/gold millie frag available! Mother colony below
  4. Hi all, I have the following SPS colonies or frags from them to let go. Realized that I have similar ones after coloring up. You can follow me on IG @simsreef too. All stable colonies with me for a couple of months already. Aussie lime with purple colony $140. Palm size. (difficult to frag) tabling colony. Indo red/pink with yellow tips. Some green at the base. Photo doesn't do the real color justice. I have 2 similar colonies. 3/4 palm size. $120 for entire colony, frags start from $15. Huge aussie pinkish/gold millie colony. Bigger than palm size. Letting go entire colony for $180. Nice tabling effect too. Frags start from $20. Blue indo tenius colony(WD or homewrecker? Not good with names haha). Larger than palm size. Can see pink and yellow coming out. Entire colony for 180. Frags start from 20. Unknkw name but very nice aussie frag $45. Actually like mini colony, multi branched. Huge palm size aussie colony, pink with yellow polyps. Very nice when polyps all out. $180. Frag start from $20. Whatsapp me at 9651four90two. Prices can be discussed haha. Trades are welcome too! Collection Hougang.
  5. Large green colony - reserved Large orange mix green colony - available 2x small fused rocks with green and orange - reserved Starry monti frags - available
  6. Also available small frags of green and orange fused together on Marco rocks. Take note they are NOT grafted, just fused and not killing each other. $30.
  7. Hi all, I'm letting go of frags and colonies of these Montis. Huge plate size deep solid orange monti with green monti fused together ($80 for entire colony. Separate small frags start from $5) Plate size green, very nice plating effect ($80, separate small frags start from $5) Plating starry monti, purple with lumi green/yellow polyps. ($150 for entire colony, separate small frags start from $20) Bundle price can be discussed if taking more frags. WhatsApp 9651four90two location: hougang
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