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  1. 60 if collect by this weekend. Ups.
  2. Hi all, I'm letting go this aussie colony that I grew from a decent frag. Green with orange-pink tips. Closed fist size. Collection at hougang. $75. Whatsapp 96514902.
  3. Still available. Up for some swap for frags or frag rack.
  4. Negotiable if fast deal. WhatsApp me. Ty!
  5. Willing to trade for corals too. VID_20211104_114139.mp4
  6. Hi all, I'm letting go of this very nice male blue throat trigger of mine. Size is about 3 inch. Stable and healthy feeding on everything (pellets, frozen..) Been with me for 2 months. Quarrantined with copper and prazi for 2 weeks initially. Some say the blue throat is reef safe. It doesn't touch corals but it might go after small inverts like shrimps. Price: $60. Collection at hougang. Whatsapp 965one49zero2.
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for a good working condition kamoer F4 wifi dosing pump. Pls pm if you have one for sale. Ty! Whatsapp 965one49zero2 works Too cheers
  8. Hi all, letting go of my blue tang due to intention of introducing other tangs. It's been with me for more than a year. 3.5 to 4 inch, very docile, well behaved and nicely colored. (doesn't snack on prata, zoas). Ich free and treated with copper before introduction more than a year ago. Price: 45 Whatsapp 965one49zero2 to deal. Collection at hougang.
  9. Prices to clear. Cheap and suitable for those who wana try out sps.
  10. Clearing rose gold millie frags. Medium $15. Mini colony $25 by this weekend.
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