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  1. Hi all, I'm looking to let go of the following. - 2x XF350 Maxspect wavemakers with controller (rtp: $610) - add on ICV6 for easy WiFi control on phone. (rtp: ~$90) Still under warranty till Oct 2021. Whole set price: $500 Whatsapp 965one49zero2.
  2. Hi all, I'm letting go my 2 big colony of pink and blue leather finger colony. Very nice pieces. Opens up to 2 palm size for the pink. 1.5 palm for the blue. Letting go for 20 each. WhatsApp 9651four90two for fast deal.
  3. Reefer backed out of a deal. I've got 2 huge heads from same colony for sale. Opens up to palm size (with just 2 heads yeah haha). Hellfire with very very bright tips. Price: 170 Whatsapp me 96514902. Cheers.
  4. Sold to a steady reefer! Side note, so sick of people pulling out of deals. Fragged and packed, and they tell you they found cheaper. Wow...
  5. Hi all, letting go of my very brightly colored up hellfire torch colony. Stable and beautiful extension. Reason for sale, did some fragging and keep 3 heads for myself, wana to expand my collection and free up some space. 4 co-joint heads. (1 head splitting) Price $300. That's less than 75 a head.. Haha. Willing to trade for other high grade torches, gonios, hammers of similar value. Whatsapp me at 9651four90two. Cheers.
  6. Slight nego allowed. Great lights to start off for big tanks!
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