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  1. Upz, any? Other any other premium sps frags?
  2. I am currently looking for following SPS frag : 1) Kit Kat 2) Walt Disney 3) Passion fruit 4) Princess Peach PM me your contact if you have any interested to sell off. Thanks.
  3. Please PM if anyone looking to sell. Thanks.
  4. Healthy Platinum Clownfish for sale. Currently eating combination of copepods and Vitalis flakes. $60. Self collection at Upper Serangoon (Nearby Nex MRT) VID_20201207_074433_01.mp4
  5. I have unpleasant experience with this person known as Zac Low as well. He had contacted me via Carousell and WhatsApp for my tank. He pretended himself to be an intern and trying to low-ball the tank. Later, I found that his identity in LinkedIn as a strategic development manager in a FnB company. From his Carousell profile, I have noted that he has been keep selling alot of similar tanks and equipments in the past. Thus, I suspected that he is a flipper instead of a genuine hobbyist. I have decided to call off the deal. (I have been labelled as scammer by him because I decided to call o
  6. A six month old clownfish to give away due to decomm. Kindly reach out to me if interested. Thanks.
  7. The tank looks good. Mind to share your maintenance schedule?
  8. Your current tank is it with overflow partitioned?
  9. Hi bro, I have Bimini Pink livesands around 20kg for sale. Any particular sands you looking for? Please PM me for details.
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