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  1. Thank you all for your interest and advice! Tank has been collected by a nice reefer bro.
  2. Hi all, I have a set of Red Sea Reefer Nano that I have just purchased from another reefer just about 2 weeks ago to giveaway for free. Condition of display tank is ok with some scratches. Cabinet is around 5/10. I have changed the rusty hinges and cleaned the whole tank and cabinet up. Might need some re-lamination at the base as it seems to have been soaked by water before. I have attached pictures of the tank within for your viewing. I did not start anything with the tank, only done the cleaning up and change some hinges. Thereafter it has been left lying around.
  3. Bro, if u still looking for moorish idol u can find them at Ah bac. Was there last sun and quite a few there.
  4. Thks bro, as this conversation is going on. I have lost another battle. Just suffered another casualty, my pellet feeding mandarin. very painful as all fishes have been with me for more then a year le haizzz. 2 survivors remaining now, with difficulty catching them. Trying Dr.G's medicated food in hope it will work.
  5. Thks bro, i did a search and indeed it seems to be velvet. I tried on a few attempts to get the affected fishes out however very challenging. Tank has quite a fair amount of corals so can't dose medication into it. Would it just go away automatically?
  6. Thks bro, saw the ones at coral farm. However price rather steep. Any other places with AT sighted?
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