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  1. Ah Beng Aquarium carry wide range of red sea product to suits your reefing needs. Below is the list of our catalogue and if you are unable to find what you want, feel free to contact us through our Facebook or Whatsapp. To purchase just follow this 4 Step Method: Step 1: Message us on Facebook / http://m.me/ahbeng.aquarium or Whatsapp 9776 1341 / wa.link/vvfevj the item name with size. (Don't have to be full name) Step 2: We will reply with total price, just Paynow 9838 9776 us and send us the screen shot!. Step 3: Arrange for delivery (Send us your address!) or s
  2. Dear VIPs of ABA, In case you do not know, below are the top 4 services we provide! 1. Water Change (Natural filtered Sea water) + Glass cleaning. We provide up to 100% water change for you without the need to worry about spilling. Not only that, we will also help to wipe away the nasty algae formed on your glass! Information required: Size of your tank, Location and amount of water needed! 2. ALL IN ONE Tank setup. Ever want to have a dream tank that has a high chance of succeeding without any headache? Not only we will educate you what's required for reefing, we can also provi
  3. Dear Singapore Reef Club Community, To show our appreciation towards your support for SRC and ABA, we have came out with a package deal to enable inexperience members or non-members to try out reefing as a hobby. Our package tank (IOS) is designed for an easy start up and to have all-in-one, we aim to make it convenient and fuss-free (slowly pick up the pace :D). Do remember that the package is an easy start up for small fishes such as clownfish, gobies, etc. If you would like to place corals in future, a chiller and dosing would be required. Don't worry, we will guide
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