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  1. Hahaha get a tank first bro. Jia you man
  2. Take it slow bro. Zoas are really nice and when out diff colours together they look amazing
  3. Hey bro. This i do not know, however there are fb groups where ppl from all over the world share Zoas pics an some are really cool looking. You can take a look at zoafanatics group
  4. Thank you! Yes but just a year or 2 ago Zoas used to be all the craze hahah. Do you have any fav Zoas?
  5. Thank you bro!! Do share some of your amazing Zoas too
  6. Thank you bro! Do share some of your Zoas too
  7. Some of my favourite Zoas. i wonder why are Zoas no longer in trend..
  8. Hi bro thank you :p i do keep some mushrooms and Zoas too hahah. You can take a look at some of the mushrooms i have
  9. Hey bro thanks . I dose Red Sea ABCD every other day and I’m using tropicmarine salt. I also dose red seas ab+ everyday. My system is really simple. Just a protein skimmer, ATO and dosing pump to dose Red Sea A,B and C. I guess the light plays a big part too, I’m using R80 lights and they are so amazing for such a cheap light! REALLY REALLY UNDER RATED LIGHTS IMO.
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