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  1. Another new place for Both freshwater & marine hobbyist to shop for their aquatic needs. MQK Aquatic carry both exotic freshwater fishes as well as marine fishes and dry goods, be sure to check them out one day ! They can be contacted at ; MQK Aquatic Marine coral reefs & fresh water premium monster fishes 53 Sims Place #01-176a (380053) Mon - CLOSED Tue -Thurs 1pm - 5pm Friday 3pm - 9pm Sat & Sun 9.30am - 5pm Contact 84846452 FB : MQK Aquatic IG : MQK Aquatic
  2. Singapore reefing community has evolved over the years, with more and more sophisticated setups, greater access to reef keeping information, wider variety of livestocks and many dedicated Reefers/LFS. SRC has seen many successful local reef and FOWLR tanks and this thread seeks to collate photos and videos of the tanks within our community! A one stop thread for anyone to drool! Hence, we would like to invite all Singapore Reefers, to actively contribute, to this thread, your full tank shots, macro shots of your display tank and videos of your vibrant marine life at home! For those w
  3. Reefers will be spoil for more choices of corals, and congrat to the newly opened coral fanatics and supporting our community. Coral Fanatics is started by a team of passionate reefers that turned purveyors of beautiful, and exotic rare corals. Looking forward to them bringing in more rare and special corals for our reefers here ! Coral Fanatics also specialises in in-house aquaculture of coral. Rare strains are preserved by propagation and made hardy for your home aquariums. Stay tune to their shipment updates. Contact Detail; Email ; coralfanaticssg@gmail.com Phon
  4. Please note that to prevent spamming and protect members, New Registered Member need to have Min 10 meaningful posting in the other section, before being able to start a New sales thread or Reply here. You may share your tank journey, ask question or help others to gain your posting and not by spamming Thank you for your co-operation !
  5. Hi, Please state price for the sales under the pasa malam rules
  6. Yes, please bare with us here , while they are fixing it..
  7. Dear Members, It has come to our attention from the authority that there has been a few members receiving official warning from our local authority regarding the excessive sales of live corals in the community going beyond as a hobbyist letting go overgrowth frags to becoming a part time coral seller in the community . Please note that the pasar malam section is mean for members to offload excess or overgrowth coral frags only. As such with effect on 03th Sept 2020, - Sales of coral , frags is limited to Max 5 per week per member, please start a new topic once the limits is
  8. Welcome our Singapore;'s friendly local fish store - Ah beng aquarium to support our community . Located in the central part of the Singapore, and with a regular weekly fish shipment from all over the world. They are the place to go for both dry goods and live stocks . There contact ; Ah Beng Aquarium 471 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389430 Phone: 9776 1341 https://goo.gl/maps/x4obxxenanXbeut39 Facebook ; https://www.facebook.com/ahbeng.aquarium
  9. Latest update of Singapore marine Live fish store (24.08.2020 ) 1. IWARNA AQUAFARM Location: Aquarium Iwarna Pte Ltdn 70 Pasir Ris Farmway 3, Singapore 518234 https://goo.gl/maps/CX6FAyS6vNVmXg7G8 2. PINNACLE AQUATICS Location: 164 Tampines Street 12, #01-291, Singapore 521164 6386 0060 https://goo.gl/maps/458F4mGtZoy6XQ7B7 3. SUPREM3 CORALS Location: 264 Tampines Street 21, Singapore 520264 https://goo.gl/maps/nbYjUvSLfXRVmfc48 4. C2 MARINE (NG COUPLES) Location: 1 Pasir Ris Coast Industrial Park 1 Singapore 518235 Tel: +65 9639 5355
  10. think you PM or whatsapp them directly for faster respond ( 8845 5555 )
  11. Since the government announcement of phase 2, and sales of live stock is now allowed.
  12. ah Yes thanks for pointing out the error.. Already edited the sequence .
  13. Congratulation to all the winners ! Prizes by Value ( Highest to Lowest ) 1) AI 64 HD LED x 1 2) Clarisea SK5000 roller filter x 1 3) SPS Mystery pack ( 5 frags Worth $500 ) 4) Zoas Mystery pack (5 frags Worth $500) 5 ) Fauna Marin Balling set x 1 6) HARDCOREREEFER magnetic frag station petite x 1 7) Coral RX Industrial x 1 8) Coral RX Pro x 1 9 to 11 ) Vitalis Mini Marine Glazer 110g 12 to 16 ) Viatlis Algae pellet XS 60g 17 to 26) Coral RX Single Shot coral Dip 27 to 36 ) DD Coral Glass 37 to 42 ) Glue Onz cor
  14. try checking with fresh n marine on this.. they are the agent for kessil here
  15. Hi guys, Thanks for the participation, will be organizing the draw and update shortly.. Stay Tune !
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