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  1. Hi Want to tread with fish or coral interested pls pm of WhatsApp 97two15755 Collect at amk.
  2. So far ytd till now never see the fish destroying the corals but only worry when I'm not around and start to destroy
  3. The main reason I sell its my tank too small for trigger fish. My only 30L tank too small
  4. With blue devil and yellow wrasse swimming around without bite only attack the snail. Till ytd I add my koran angel keep bang the koran angel. So I now separated them.
  5. Hi selling of my trigger fish at $10 / can tread with anything. Interested can pm me and collect at amk
  6. Koran angel isit reef safe?
  7. Hi I'm selling away my undulated trigger fish at $10 or can open to tread coral or fish are welcome Collection at amk
  8. Understand thank you for the advice I won't put skimmer for now
  9. Haha can I try with the brand boyu first?
  10. Can protein skimmer isit all the same? I see got some very high price got some very low price isit because of the Brand only?
  11. I will still keep because I shifted my frag to the middle of the LR so this guy can't even reach there. For the lsp now alr disappear left with the frag thank you
  12. Reached home and see its on top of the gsp and stick on it. Anyone have the same issues also?
  13. Hi can I have some advice my nano tank is 30×32×30 isit too small for a undulated trigger?
  14. Hi I'm selling away my undulated trigger Collection at amk
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