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  1. dont have to look nice, just want see if my aquarium is suitable to keep one or not
  2. theres a singapore website that sells, it personally ive never tried it but u can try it if u like https://fishesonline.com/product/dusky-brotulid/
  3. Smoist

    WTB Macroalgae

    u can go to sentosa beach, got a lot of funkies there
  4. yeah the wavemaker i got is too strong, dont have box, and suction dont really work
  5. closed, traded it with a cool hawaiian ding dang
  6. the gonio about 2cm, with a small green one
  7. if you selling them, dm me price and location
  8. Around west side, dont need big piece, small will do
  9. Wowie good looking one
  10. What zoa species is that blue big one
  11. if its really lymphocystis, from what ive gathered, there is no cure, but to keep the water quality good to eventually the clownfish is able to fight the virus https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/publication/FA181
  12. Maybe like a filefish since they are interesting looking
  13. Hi im looking for any animal that eats aiptasia that can fit in like 10 gallon tank, if you are selling any animal that eats them pm me
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