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  1. Dear bros, A nice bro here have secure all the live stock in my tank. Another bro had reserved the scrubber set with pump (Norman) Pending payment/collection. Anyone wants to buy liverocks? I do not know how much of rocks there are but they are sure full of pods and living organism as I do not use skimmer or other mechanical filters. Refer to the picture to estimate. I apologize I could not return most of the SMS. I lost nearly all when I restore my iPhone to a earlier date as it went kuku. Please give me offers for the rest of the items you are interested via PM/SMS with proposed value, nick, name and contact number. I will be on training from Wed to Fri and have no access to internet. More items will be listed during the weekend. Many thanks for your support and understanding! Regards, Billy
  2. Viewing/collection from Ang mo kio. 5mins walk from yio chu kang mrt.
  3. Hi Brothers! Sorry I wasn't able to reply all the many SMS I received over the weekend as I was out of town. I had received many interests in the Algae Scrubber Box, wavebox and wave makers. However, I would very much preferred selling it as a set. I may re-evaluate my inventory (as I realized I failed to list down many other accessories including stainless steel bone cutter, surgery knife, tweezers etc) but the price would likely stand the same. PS: As of now, I would only consider set sale until further notice. Thanks for all the hot responses and support!
  4. I will be out of Singapore until next Tuesday and will not have access to internet. Please PM me instead and I will get back once I return.
  5. BTW: Please only SMS me if you are interested in the set. Else please wait a couple of weeks.
  6. Will rebuild next time lar... At least now I know what I really want
  7. Hi all, Decided to decom tank as have very limited time to maintain it and also lift upgrading going to start right outside my house. Letting go everything at $700 including, Equipments: 3ft 70gal tank + sump tank + cabinet, 250w MH (Reeflux 12000K) with aluminium stand, Tunze Nano Wavebox 6206, Tunze 6045, Tunze 6025, Teco TW4, Rio HF20, Aquabee 3000L, Rio HF17, SM100 Scrubber box (4x24w T5 2700K) Skimmer Fish: 1 Amphiprion ocellaris (Ocellaris Clowns), 1 Nemateleotris magnifica (Firefish) 1 Yellow Tang Corals: Golden gloves super sun duncan anchor leather some mushrooms some zoos. Also come with Digital Timer, refractormeter, TDS meter, DI Unit (and sufficient filter and carbon for at least 1yr use), bags of calcium, magnesium, spare pumps etc. As you can see, the price of the equipments alone in 2nd hand market cost more than what I am selling so low ballers please keep clear. Interested buyer SMS me at 9-3-3-9-5-8-8-3 for more information.
  8. Letting go of my 4" yellow tang I got from Coral farm previously. Very healthy, feeding on pellets. $45.
  9. WTS: about 30 Polyps of Golden Cloves....

    1. Slimymadness


      ur golden cloves still avail bro?

  10. I have two fist size Acan to let go at $60 each or $110 for both. Please SMS me nine33nine-five88three.
  11. Contact Number: 93395883 Item(s): Boyu MT-30 tank (Dark Brown) Detailed Listing & Prices: http://freshnmarine....roducts_id=1654 http://www.boyuaquar...p?ArticleID=350 Free unused Pleco sand or Gex planted gravels. Looking for $70 Condition/Quality: Just used 1-2 months. Previous Source: Brand new from shop Preferred Place(s) of Transaction: Self collect, Ang Mo Kio (near Yio Chu Kang MRT) Other Information: Rarely used IOS tank. Look all new to me, but its used.
  12. I think no Tangs can resist feasts of fresh algae. My tang and algae blenny go crazy when ever I dump in my "scrubber"'s netting.
  13. From the title, I thought you were doing fund raising for World Wrestling Federation.... lol.... Let me get it started! $105
  14. Very violent show! Just watch it last night.... pretty sad story... Thanks for intro!
  15. http://www.geomancy.net/resources/forum-archive/7045.htm http://www.geomancy....rchive/2158.htm http://www.geomancy..../bbs-plants.htm My brother have been using this "master". (Which might explains why he is doing so much better than I am.... lol..... ok, my lame excuses for being lazy )
  16. Bro, I am interested if there is any left.... I staying BLK 636, how about you?
  17. Screen I got my screen from Artfriends Takashimaya. It's use for stitching or something, about an A4 size netting. I cut it into half and use both, cleaning one of them every 3-4 days. Just a few dollars. PS: Just realised I could not edit my own post... lol...
  18. Cedric house cannot go one.... very very very very toxic! :lol: I have to typically drag myself out of his Coral room.... lol...
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