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  1. tank sold and collected by a nice bro !
  2. lelong leong ! feel free to come to have a look !
  3. Last call ! $250.00 nett ! Non-negotiable. Buyer will get a tank, cabinet, sump tank, reservoir tank, exhaust fan, 4000L return pump, water changing pump, one lot of live rocks, used carribean sand (in the existing tank) , rubber hose for water change ! I hope i can clear by end of this week.
  4. Upzzz... willing to let go at S$300.00 (inclusive one lot of fully cured live rocks) !!!!
  5. upz for newbies who planning to start a new tank ! Any reasonable and sincere offer will be considered !
  6. upz for those who are setting up new tank !
  7. upz for this lovely public holiday !
  8. Combination of Fiji and ordinary live rocks. - Fully cured. Been in the tank for almost 1 year. - All live rocks are fully treated before introducing into the display tank. So is free of crabs and aiptasia. - 100% copper-free - Some are covered with coralline algae, some not (due to corals placement and some are in the sump with nominal light) - Porous and good shape for corals placement. - Quantity - enough for a 2'x2'x2' scape Letting go all at S$100.00. Collection at Teck Whye. PM for deal.
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