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  1. sorry off topic.. but this is amazing
  2. Sold Sent from my SM-N986B using Tapatalk
  3. Decided to purchase a 20" DI resin filter to fill my tank with water @ TDS 0. This can be later connected to my RO/DI and save me the hassle of having to replace the small DI cartridge every 3-6months Filling'er up!
  4. The staff of RMS spent a good amount of time working on my tank and my specifications. Took some candid shots of them at work I opted to go for a compressor to chill the tank due to the location of my tank. The cool guys from Tank Culture, Derek did a wonderful job installing and locating the compressor at the far end of my balcony.
  5. hey i got it from a 2 reefers who decommed. if my memory serves me right, can purchase them from amazon or directly from avast.
  6. price drop to $80 collect by this weekend
  7. upz $100 take and go. just wanna clear
  8. withdraw sale as decided to use it
  9. upz price reduced $750 for both.
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