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  1. is your phos tester still avail? can i have it please

  3. depends on what bulb you use fyi, refuge light does not come with bulb
  4. If interested pls SMS me at 90278247 cheers
  5. Hi, Have decommed my tank a long time ago, some of these stuff that i dig out from my storeroom needs to be cleared! 1 x Warmtone Food timer (New but used for less than 2months) $12 1 x Cheapo Skimmer NO PUMP ( FREE to anyone buying another stuff ) 2 x Seio 620 $15 each 1 x Seio M1100 $22 1 x Fish Trapper/Isolation Box $8 1 x Barracuda Hang-on Skimmer $20 ( you need to purchase your own needlewheel pump for this ) 1 x BUNCH full of additives stuff that i dont know if its expired or usable or not (Free to anyone buying more than $30) 1 x Refugium lamp $8 T
  6. all the best for your future endeavours bro!
  7. same experience i got 6 years ago. just my piece of 2cents. reefkeeping is really really taxing. not to blunt your dreams. but the truth is that you will keep blaming your amateur equipment when your livestock die and eventually you will think of upgrading again again. (sounds familiar everyone?) i decommed late last year ago after 6 years of reefing when i was still the same like you, a student. Reefkeeping is like an endless blackhole. Should always be a want not a need. just my 2cents worth. FYI: i decommed because i did not have enough $
  8. poisonous words of yours. maybe 3-5years down the road when i settle to my new home. ill consider setting up again. for now, freshwater still can handle.
  9. trying out CRS keeping a nano.. haha
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