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  1. Got one new set of the above, lite is white light, 54W x 4, brand new set Selling at 100 flat, self collect at Simei St 1, 93275225
  2. Lights all sold, tks for the support. Can bring in some next time if got the lobang again, hope Bro here find it useful. bye
  3. 2 Set sold, left with final 2 sets, anyone keen , pls call, price is fixed at 110 only. Seaview, aka Nayang selling at $135. QH selling at $155/-. So you save quite a bit at 110 only. Not sure NA selling at how much maybe 50 or 60 or wat, welcome to go NA buy if you think is worth it, I got no comment at all. My stock is from genuine supply from QH who is the sole agent of this product Aqua Zonic. Willing buyer willing seller, but pls make sure is the distributor is from QH. No comment needed if you are not buying, appreciate that, tks so much.
  4. Selling net at 110/- only, FCFS, still in box. 4 X 54W tube of T5 lite tube, 12K (sun), come in 2 switches, with Stand. Self collect at Simei St1, 93275225, no reservation, is FCFS tks for support, silver casing
  5. Hi looking at the above, either 6 2 2.5 or 6 27" 30" with cabinet and sump tank. Must be in good condition, at least 12mm thick, if you have call me at 9327-5225 for discussion and viewing, tks Dum PM or reply in this thread, tks again
  6. Hi, Anyone know this guy OTTO (aka David), like to contact him, used to built a tank for me few years back. 9-046-1253, his hp no longer in use, passed to one lady lioaw, tks
  7. Bro , is not right, you asking 120 then now bid start at 120 and fast and highest bid get the tank. Misleading.
  8. As above, self collect and only for interested genuine buyer to call me 9046-1253, FCFS no reservation. Collect at Tampines during office hours and Simei after office hour, tks Is brand new set and price is fixed at $30/- not negotiable.
  9. Previously used in marine, dried and bagged up, self colect in Simei St 1, call 9046-1253 if you need, tks Got abt 4 bags. Color is those normal yellow brown kind, not the super white kind.
  10. Used Coral Sand for Sale, details a) 20kg for $5, pack in bag No 1 grade c) color is yellowish white d) got about 60-70 kg left e) Self collect in Simei St 1 f) call 9046-1253 only if you interested g) dun SMS to ask for fun if not keen i) previously used for marine So far, 2 Brothers and 1 Sister had bought about 60kg already. I noticed those who sms to ask alot of qn never buy, those who short and sharp ask when can collect - buy. So if you wanna ask for fun, dun waste my time and yours too, tks.
  11. Still got remainder about 60kg, pack in bag of 20kg each for $5 only. Got need come and buy from Simei, call now !!
  12. Still got some 20kg bag available, sand is yellowish brown type, no 1. Interested self collect and already pack in bag for you.
  13. Still available, sand is no 1 type.
  14. interested call 9046-1253, self collect in the east, simei st 1, tks
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