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  1. Where can i buy? can i put it into my fludizer reactor?
  2. Dear reefers, I have setting up the tank for 4 months already. And I decided to post up here to share with you all. Hope you all can give me your guidances and comments to maintain this tank. Hope this tank journey starts from this thread. Main Front Tank Specs: Tank type: Salted, reef with corals Size: 3ftx2ftx1.5ft Filter: Sump overflow box Equipment: Protein skimmer (deltec), Calcium reactor (deltec), Chiller (Artica), return pump, fluidizers Light: Metal Halide + Blue Artinic Light x2 Left side of tank Water Parameters Temp: 23.5 DC pH: 8.0-8.2 (hard to
  3. IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS READ I am the real owner (flaming nemo) of the website as someone is using my username & password to post comments here!!! Moderator pls help me to delete this account and this topic as someone has used my username and password to do some comments in my name. I will re-register again. Sorry everyone. Pls ignore what flaming nemo comment in this forum from now on
  4. Dear moderator, I seems that my website has been a topic here in this forum. All the feedback will be taken in account. A business reg no will be input inside the web. I hope the moderator will remove this forum immediately as some of the statements make by member is untrue and will bring wrong impression publily upon the nature of the business in this forum. I did not post this commercial as it is not allow and now my website name is in this topic. Can a moderator pls delete this topic away Thnks
  5. Hi all, Sorry is my fault starting this thread... cos i am curious to find coral market in Sing. As i am new in this area.... Honestly, i stand no thread between any commercial cos i not interested at all cos i got no commission leh... i just a humble coral hobbyist orh... Some bro out there too sensitive on topics lah Btw u guys keep talking on LFS? what that ah? Btw someone can teach me how to buy and sell corals here leh? u guys PM each other when buying but by i cant why ah?
  6. Hi guys, Sorry i dnt know the market price mah... maybe i should tell them to reduce their price... maybe i will buy from them must go and find the boss and tell him btw way reborn i went before.. very dirty and unhygene... coral also not healthy no wonder so cheap.... Thanks any way
  7. hey guys, i have checked www.coralmarketplace.com is a singapore based online.. if you have time, check it out there
  8. Yap I agree but online are cheaper. Today i went to a shop and they sell the corals so EX!!! Not to mention the shop name, its ridiculous!! Anyhow buckup price.... Imagine a frag of anemone mushroom sell $70 bucks..... Madnesss I think i can grow myself or used that to cultivate abalone for me to eat hahahaha I went and see fishn friends they no longer sell except coralmarketplace. Their price there is reasonable leh compare to those shop. At least i can wait for them to deliver to me...
  9. Dear reefers, I'm looking for shopping corals online in Singapore. Anyone recommendation? Some bros from other forum give me www.fish n friends and www.coralmarketplace.com Dnt know anyone got go there before? Need some recommendation? Thanks
  10. Dear friends, Anyone know where to get corals online in Singapore? I am too lazy to step out of my house to buy..... Regards
  11. THanks !! I used some black sponge and its reduce the bubbles significantly BUt the heat is another prob again.....
  12. THanks for all your advise!!! I using Dymax brand. FYI, I only using 1 pump to pump up the water from sump to main tank... i using gravtional energy to pull the water down... Another issue.... My protein skimmer is producing lots of bubbles... in the sump tank causing bubbles to raise up in my main tank... very ugly.... How to solve? When we should on the skimmer? Cos my tank just set up.. only live rocks and sands.... PLs advise me again... THanks
  13. Hi friends, CUrrently my protein skimmer is giving out heat in my sump tank turning the water a bit warm. Is this a problem or is normal? I'm using a submerging pump. The pump is in the water. The pump giving out heat.... Advise?
  14. Hi all, I really admire of everyone engineer's mind to have a DIY sump tank. Can some one teach me how to bulid one? I am learning how to bulid the flow of water mechanisms. How to let the water from my main tank flow back to sump tank and how to let the water flow back to main tank? What to use? Pump? How to connect? My tank do not have a pipe connection underneath. I intend to use a overhang pipe method. Is it possible to connect to sump tank? Will it over flow? Thanks
  15. Hi all, I having a weird problem here. I have a damsel, Nemo and Domino. These few days these fishes are breathing heavily and very fast. But they seems active in eating and sleeping. Seldom comes to the surface for air. Testing my ammonia = 0 , Nitrite = 0 What is happening? Is my reef corals in the tank some what release unseen toxic Btw i have= a xiena, soft corals like finger, toadstool and sponges Pls Advise
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