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  1. That's all for now. I will order for the sump tank now
  2. Another view of installed return
  3. another view of installed overflow
  4. Sit tank back on cabinet stand after complete drilling of 42 mm overflow hole and 27 mm return hole
  5. Test the return . Sit nicely in the 27 mm hole
  6. Start drilling the 27 mm hole drilling the 27 mm hole.mp4
  7. Load the 27 mm diamond hole saw on the battery drill
  8. Now we check the 27 mm diamond hole saw against the template
  9. The overflow sit nicely in the 42mm hole
  10. Drilling process continue Drilling Continue.mp4
  11. The 42mm hole partially drilled
  12. Tank ready to drill bigger hole
  13. First load 42mm diamond hole saw on battery drill
  14. Checked the 42mm diamond hole saw against the template that come with the overflow assembly
  15. Remove some blurr after parting the overflow assembly
  16. 3rd Dec. Today on leave. Finally find time to install the overflow. First I part the overflow part from the return part
  17. Received my 42mm diamond hole saw on 30th Nov 2021
  18. Start No Water Change since 1st Dec 2016 59 months no water change. PO4 still within range
  19. Bought this 2 little fish overflow
  20. Now park the tank back to the cabinet stand while waiting for diamond hole saws to arrive
  21. Today I remove the AIO partition
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