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  1. A short video 2023-02-19-01-16-41 (1).mp4
  2. a front shot of my display tank
  3. Foxface and SPS And rock of yuma
  4. Yellow throat regal with SPS and rock of Yuma
  5. Another photo of the damsel with yuma and SPS
  6. 6th,7th and 8th Feb add in some SPS from the 5.5 footer. 11th Feb add in 1 rock of yuma 16th Feb add in some fishes
  7. Light up one temporarily light for the new display tank. 050223
  8. On the return pump and let it cycle VID-20230203-WA0023.mp4
  9. Start filling up tank with old 5.5 ft no water change tank since 1st Dec 2016
  10. All done. Tonite 030223 will start to transfer water from my 5.5 ft
  11. Today is 030223. This is the last report on this 5.5 ft no water change tank. This tank went no water change since 1st Dec 2016. So today is the 80 weeks no water change. And this water will be transfer to my new DIY 2.5 ft tank. For future update please go to below link https://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/195124-sherman-50-gallon/?&page=2#comments Attach is the last photo for this 5.5 ft tank after part of the water is transfer to the new 2.5 ft tank. Part of the acro is expose after the water level drop
  12. Today 6th Jan 2023. Almost 1 month of Kalkwasser dosing, Now PH is 8.2 to 8.29. Notice KH also start moving up slowly. Reduce dosing to keep it at 8.0 Not much drastic change in the livestock. Will continue to monitor
  13. Redo my sump partition and piping.
  14. Today,18 Dec 2022, Just complete piping from display tank to sump
  15. Today, 101222 measure the PH .Only 7.96. Need to increase to 8.2 or 8.3. Tomorrow light off will dose Kalk instead of RODI water
  16. Due to unforeseen issue this tank has minimum care and maintenance since Nov 2021. Today do a PO4 test . Still within acceptable range. 0.05 This is 72 weeks no water change. No water change since 1st Dec 2016
  17. Due to unforeseen issue I had stop this tank conversion. Recently more spare time so I am going to continue this tank build update
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