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  1. Hi, Books was reservered by a reefer and pending for collection. Thank you bro for viewing. Cheers
  2. Yes the books are still available and would like to add 2 more books. Total of 15 nos of good condition Marine books for $200. Thanks
  3. just to add 2 more books, Ultimate Marine Aquariums by Michael S Paletta YOU&YOUR Aquarium by Dick Mills All books are very good condition and will to sell at $200. collection at CCK. thanks
  4. uppzzzzzzzzzzz..................... sms 96470909
  5. down to $180. sms me at 96470909
  6. wanted to clear it as i am moving house, all books at $200. cash n carry please. SMS me at 96470909.
  7. Just to add 2 more books, Seahorses by Neil Garrick-Maidment The 101 best Saltwater Fishes by Scot W. Michael All for the price of $250. SMS me at 96470909.
  8. sms me at 96470909 or PM. Price lower to $250
  9. re-post as buyer did not collect it... Used item SMS me at 96470909. FCFS
  10. A. Hanna HI 736 Phosphorus Ultra Low Range plus 28 pcs of Phosphorus Reagent (Bought at Jan 2011 and on warrantly) B. Pur kalkwasser. C. Salifert KH/AIK Profi Test-(01-2014 exp) D. Salifert Calcium Profi Test x 2nos-(12-2013 n 05-2012 exp). E. Salifert MgProfi Test-(07-2012 exp). F. Seachem MultiTest G. Top Up H2O abt more than 90% remain. All for $80 cash n carry from West Coast Cresent. Pls sms me at 96470909. Thank you
  11. My error as i had given away the Top up tank. Thus i am selling only the AquaBee pump 3000 and 7000 at $350
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