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    I am kinda interested in the marine hobby ater i successfully tame and make my discus fish happy in my freshwater tank.So i kinda love the cute little clownfishes especially Clark's Anemonefishes and i want to try a harder more expensive hobby.I also like soft corals.I am also an active person in doing girl stuff dunno y but it is true.I kinda thinking being a salon staff,work as a chef or be a discus and angelfish breeder plus selling a few reef fishes and corals.

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  1. OMG that looks awesome!! Like a real reef in the wild!! But it looks so close won't some of them sting each other?
  2. Love the revolutionary concept!! Makes it looks like the natural reefs during low tide
  3. Bro where is the collection point. Am interested in the 2 tube 3ft lighting fixture. Sms me at 91872851:-)
  4. Hey all,am looking to buy the above stated product. Leave a reply here or PM me if you have one to sell away. Thank you :-)
  5. DI unit is reserved The 2 seios going for 10 bucks each!! MUST collect by tomorrow!!
  6. Chiller sold to a nice reefer!! The others is still upz!! Combo set going at $65!! Save $10!!
  7. UPZ!!! Need to sell everything by this Saturday!! Buy one whole package deal at $110!!
  8. Oh and the suckers for the second seio is in the red plastic bag... Didn't take out that time...
  9. The Chiller.Still brand new...Bought but never touched... Manual for CHiller The overall box DI unit comes with TDS meter The wavemakers(So sorry that I didn't have the time to brush) Crystal Pro SIngle unit DI
  10. Sorry I think I set the price of the chiller too low... Saw back the price tag I pull it up to going at 60... Never use before
  11. 2 seio 620 going off at $15 each Single unit Crystal Pro DI unit going off at $45(Resin needs changing)+Free Red Sea Coral Pro salt... Left about a quarter bucket left Dolphin Mini Chiller going at $30 Pictures will be up soon... Trying to sell by this Saturday
  12. Hi,

    Interested in Ur reactor. Stll avail?


  13. 2 seio wavemakers(One M620 and the other is M1100 I think.Kinda forgot.Used for a year)$15 and $25 Prizm Skimmer $90 DI Unit(Single unit) $50 Phosphate Reactor $30(no pump) Please contact me via e-mail/msn:weird_blacksmith@hotmail.com
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