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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fellow reefers! I've recently started a 34L nano tank and I'm hoping to pick up a couple of tips from you guys. I was warned about how this hobby was a time and money suck. But one day out of nowhere, I ended up at Iwarna and bought an OF 34L IOS tank from Aunty. Now there's no turning back. I've documented my progress. This is ultimately going to be a zoa tank. DAY 1 - Live rocks (not very exciting). Here's the scape. Very nicely done up by my patient bf. I wanted to let it cycle for about a week before introducing livestock but I'm not as patient as I'd like to be. DAY 3 - Invertebrates, a clown and a wrasse. Wrapped up work and made a trip down to the only marine LFS (that I know of) open after "office hours". Bought a clownfish, a green wrasse, an RBTA, an urchin, cleaner shrimp and a 3-pack of sexy shrimp from Aquamarin. Threw in a starfish and hermit crab (originally from my bf's tank) for good measure too. Here's a sexy shrimp party that the hermit crab crashed. DAY 4 - GSP wall Got myself some GSP and BSI'd it at the back in hopes that it'll bloom into an unstoppable wall of green. Doesn't look very promising here. But I will remain optimistic. DAY 7 - Operation zoa flowerbed I decided it was time to pile in the livestock. Got myself some zoas, palys, acan, pulsing xenia, coco worm, clam, green octo coral and golden clove. Most of them here are from my bf's tank. Also, a trip down to LCK and the Pasir Ris farms can do wonders. I got a royal gramma, a couple of yumas and a one-dollar clown. I'm working towards a zoa-saturated top tier. I'll post more pictures really soon.
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