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  1. Hi reefers, starting a new thread to document my new nano reef. It is an aqua-one 90L tank. Goal is to be simple. Going to be acro dominated with an assortment of zoas, chalice and other encrusting corals along the bottom. Ive kept it bare bottom as I want to have a crazy amount of flow through the system. This setup is in Melbourne Australia, at an LFS which I work at. Equipment list: 1.Real reef rock branching 2.Nero 3 x 2 3. Hyrda 52 4. BM 3.5 skimmer 5. Mantis Bio blocks. Future fish list: -Platinum Clown pair -Convict Small S -Flame hawk S -Baby golden head anthias x3 -Blue tail pipe fish Tank is filled with saltwater and have added Dr tims one and only bacteria to cycle so will give it a few weeks to settle: IMG_0451.MOV IMG_0444.HEIC
  2. Selling a Nano Algae Turf Scrubber (ATS). Good for Nano tanks. Can put macro algae inside to harvest too. Comes with preinstalled Red Light and Tunze Nano Pump (adjustable flow rate between 150 l/h - 300 l/h) per the attached photos. Dimensions 12cm x 7.5cm x 15cm. Letting go at $65 ONLY on First Come First Serve basis. Do whatsapp me at “Nine 430 899 Three” if you are interested. Location in Sengkang. Thanks P.S.: More info on the ATS can refer to https://m.fish-street.com/hang-on-ats-algae-turf-scrubber-ats80 for reference.
  3. Decom and clearing two good working condition JBJ 24 Gallon (90 Liter) IOS Cube Tanks with the following dimension : W 45cm (18”), L 45cm (18”), H 45cm (18”) both tank comes with Lights, Filter Media, Piping as per the attached photos. Looking at $38 per tank or $70 for both tanks. Also available Eheim Pump 1048 (made In Germany) in good working condition clearing at $35 onlyPackage deal for 1 JBJ Nano tank with Eheim 1048 pump at $70 only. PM to arrange for viewing / collection in Sengkang on a First Come First Serve basis.
  4. Just started cycling my 40 litres a week ago Tank: IM nuvo tank 10 Light: Reefled 50 Sand from carib lsea Dry rock PH:8.4, NH3/NH4 0.25, NO2 0, NO3 5
  5. Has anyone seen dwarf gobies besides clown gobies before. I have always found them beautiful and they have practically zero bioload bcs of their size. I am planning to keep a school of them in my 20 gallons. I know it may be abit small but as i have found, they have very little bioload i cant seem to put a pic of a trimma goby here so...
  6. Got this for my refugium but it turned out to be too powerful. Tested it for under a minute. Sun Sun HQJ 1000b. 1000 litres/hour at 12w $20
  7. A few used items for sale TUNZE Comline DOC Skimmer 9001 - $120 bought in early March'19 as an experiment, decided that I need the space more than the skimming in my sump AQUA ZONIC 4ft T5 fixture with 2X 54watts - $50 comes with 2x Odyssea 6500k daylight tubes, 1 is about 2 months old, another 4 or 5 months old RESUN auto feeder AF-2009D - $10 GEX digital food clock FC-002D -$20
  8. looking for led light that fits a nano tank. Pm me if you have suitable light thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone! Currenly now I'm setting up 2ft tank, but my pH are not reaching 8.5, even I do put increase pH. Its still maintain the same level at around 7.0 - 7.5. P/s : I do have Live Rock with algae and the algae are dying. B4 i bought the live rock very fresh( Red and Green are very strong color when I do buy on " 4th March 2019 " ) I did setup a tank on 3th March with details description below : Setup with Salt ( No brand ) + Tape water ( Incl anti clorine ) + One and Only ( DrTim Live Nitrifying Bacteria ) 1. Ocean Free Nano 5 Martine Tank ( 60 x 40 x 40 ~ 96Litter ) a. Filter Layer 1 : Coarse Bio Foam / Activated Carbon b. Filter Layer 2 : Coarse Bio Foam / Activated Carbon c. Filter Layer 3 : Coarse Bio Foam / Ceramic Ring d. Filter Layer 4 : Coarse Bio Foam / Ceramic Ring e. Filter Layer 5 : Coarse Bio Foam / Bio Wool f. Ocean Free Nano Skimmer 2. Chiller Haile 28A 3. Eheim 2213 ( Blue Filter Pad - Sera Bio Filter Ring - Bio Home Plus - Sera Filter Wool ) 4. Sand 5. 4pcs Live Rock Can I know how to make the pH increase more, and also how long I can start to put coral and fish ?
  10. My first pico reef in a Fluval spec 3 AIO tank.
  11. Selling a tank set that includes: 1. INNOVATIVE MARINE - NUVO - FUSION NANO 10 - Tank: Length 12” Width: 15” Height: 13” - Made of 6mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass - Mesh Screen Top with Clips - 8W 220- 240v/50Hz 13-92 GPH Return Pump 2. INNOVATIVE MARINE - SKKYE LIGHT - CLAMP 18 WATT - LED Watts: 6 x 3 Watt - Color: 3 x 10K and 3 x 456nm - Current: 600mA - Single Light Cycle - Mounting Bracket 3. INNOVATIVE MARINE - CUSTOMCADDY - MEDIA BASKET Looking to sell @ S$180. PM me if interested.
  12. Hi anyone selling their AL 30 or nano chiller, need it for my nano tank. let me know thanks
  13. Decomming my 35cm cube nano tank. Upgrading to bigger tank, hence will try to just keep 1 tank. All items used less than 6 months 1) 35cm cube glass tank with IOS, return pump, LED light (normal LED light - white and blue) with custom cover - $80 2) Bubble magnus qq 2 protein skimmer - $50 3) Zetlight ZA1201-L LED marine lighting with controller (auto on/off with different modes (auto sunrise, sunset, etc) - $80 4) Jecod (same as Jebao) Dosing Pump 5 channel - $80 5) Jebao SW-4 wavemaker - $40 (very very very new) Take all : $300 This is the tank with the stock LED light (nemolight) Tank with zetlight Bubble magnus qq2 sits perfectly in 2nd compartment. (when using Zetlight, you can still clip at the back. if using stock light, have to clip at the side) Zetlight with light charts. This light is really amazing and my corals all loved it! with the auto functions, it can fully control from daylight to sunset! Almost new wavemaker 5 channel auto dosing pump with box, pipes and extra motor. Very new!
  14. Hi guys, Here are some pics of my new 60ltr Eco Marine System (well..... the beginning of what will be a marine system, hopefully). Purchased this IOS system from Jireh on the weekend, it now 6 days old. 5kg Live sand, 5kg live rock (pre-cured), Protein Skimmer, build in return pipe with adjustable/directional output, LED lighting. I'm un-certain of what makes/models the Skimmer and pump are as it was a pre-installed IOS system (will look into it and report once i know). Purchased a chiller yesterday (AL60 - East Coast Marine). Green Algae has just started growing on some of the LR, not sure if its the good kind or bad, will do some testing tonight of water parameters and see whats happening. Was told in the LFS that this particular type of set up you can add l livestock immediately (no thanks), my last Marine Setup back in Australia took me 8 weeks before anything went in the tank. Also have some small white looking ants?!? crawling around the live rock.. hmmm As you can see, i have no idea how the Protein skimmer is supposed to work (advise needed), no foam building up in the catchment area, only water?? And the digital temp reader inside the tank (cheap stick on one) is read 91f (32 celsius) yet my chiller is reading 28 celsius.... STRANGE things happening. Hoping to eventually keep soft corals and just a few marine fish.
  15. Hello! Willing to trade a turban snail about the size of 2 fifty-cent coins due to him constantly bulldosing everything in my tank. As for your info, I keep a nano. Although I would prefer to trade for something, anything under the sun. I am also willing to give him to a better home if need be, anything just contact me at 92957-420 whatsapp preferred Thanks!
  16. Hello, Have a Dymax IQ5 tank system for sale. Selling as a whole package. Dymax Acrylic Tank Air pump Zon Lights Powerhead Skimmer Cooling Fan Algae Scraber Sand Salt (Red Sea) Test kit Hydrometer Thermometer Price: S$150.00 Firm Self collect required. 1st come 1st serve. Reservation not entertained. Cash only. Text @ 9880 six 1 six six to deal. Thanks for viewing
  17. Selling my collection of SKIMZ IBOX NANO TANKS with Build-in Skimmer as following per what you see in the attached pictures: 1. Skimz iBox 20 Nano Tank with build-in Skimmer in White Color at $90 2. Skimz iBox 20 Nano Tank with build-in Skimmer in Black Color at $70 (Skimmer in working condition but has some noise) You can refer to the following links for more info on the Nano Tank and the Skimmer: http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1551 http://aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1647 Interested party please PM me with your contact to arrange for viewing and collection in Sengkang on a first come first serve basis. Thanks
  18. mtann

    WTB Nano Tank

    Anyone have ios tank to sell? Please pm size and price. Thanks.
  19. Due to miscalculation, I ended up with a spare Skimz iBox Nano IOS Tank (only). So I thought to myself… What the heck… If they can make these things so small, there must be some kind of reef that could to kept. So start my Nano/Pico tank adventures... Dimensions: W180mm x D225mm x H245mm Pump: Dymax PH200 (5W, 200 liters/hr, 5-10 liters) Light: Hopar LED-200 (Blue+White, 3W, 21 LED) Before Setup After Setup Found a small skimmer but not small enough to fit into the IOS compartment… Will continue searching probably will go for those limewood type. Considering using LIVE rocks to cycle. Please hit me with all the necessary wisdom to make this work. Thank you.
  20. Hi wanna swap my nano tank for a rw8 wavemaker or something similar nano tank comes with pump only no lights. Pm me for more info thank u all.
  21. Hi guys, I recently decommed my Fluval Edge from here: Picked up an ADA 60-P and Pharos LED from Fresh'nMarine and basically ported everything over Shift house loh! Got myself an MP10 early this year I also put in a sump this time After one entire day of shifting to the new tank
  22. Hi all, Just decided to start my 1.5ft tank. Manage to get my 45cm IOS tank from East Ocean Aquatic Centre.. Live Rocks and Sand from Ng Couple Did a fresh water bath for the Live Rock to get rid of any bristle worms etc.. And also added some dead rocks from my previous setup pico tank (Fish only tank) which is still running. Straight after adding the salt water After running the pump for 3 hours Let to finalise the Light for my tank...intending to get some corals and LPS So thinking what to get; maybe a Current - USA Marine Light Set Will move over my protein skimmer (Boyu WG-308) and cooling fan later from the Pico Tank Date: 150312 PH: 8.2 Sal: 1.020 (Slowly topup to 1.024) KH: 5.6dKh No2: Tentative Nil - API Test Strip No3: Tentative Nil - API Test Strip This morning the water still seems bit cloudy and some of the coralline algae seems to dull off and turn brown or maybe the fine sand cover it..
  23. Hi guys, So i decided to start this thread to share a bad news as well as some good news. So first, the bad news. As some of you may know, i was keeping seahorses but the challenge was too great for me and my little ponies soon succumbed to a bacterial infection and withered away. How devastating. I am still pretty sad but i knowni did everything i could to keep them happy and healthy. And it wasn't. Anyway, long story short, they died and i decided to quit. But my friends encouraged me to start over to i decided to convert my tank into a reef tank. So, this thread will now document thr progress of my little micro-reef and i have many interesting and unique things to share. I have already found many unique attributes about my reef. My approach- i am trying to go with the natural approach here. No skimmer, no fancy equipment, just frequent water changes. I dont dose anything but may do so in the future. Equipment- 1. Ios 1.5 feet cube 2.overhead filter 3. An old maxspect g2 that is half spoilt. I cant adjust anything. Just on, off. Ahahahah. 4....nothing. thats it!. I will be posting many many pictures because im obsessed. So pls stay tuned. Lastly, i do welcome all constructive criticism and comments and of course, compliments so please feel free to add as you wish. Cheers folks!
  24. I bought the following items (most are with photos) at various times of my freshwater and marine aquarium hobby and feel that I should try to get rid of them now to make space at home and to get back some money to buy new stuff. If any of the buyers want some Chaetomorpha algae, I can give them out in palm size bunches while stocks last. The collection point is most weekdays (Mon-Fri) at Hougang MRT/Hougang Mall after 8 pm. Please pm me if you are keen and we can work out the collection arrangment. Let's start with the second hand items. The original prices are in brackets and the prices I am letting them go are after that. I cannot guarantee that all these items are in 100% perfect condition though and they probably need some soaking to get rid of the coralline algae encrusted on them. (1) Bubble Magus Q3 protein skimmer used for 10 months ($160) - $100 (2) TUNZE DOC skimmer 9004 used for 3 months ($179) - $140 The rest are all new items that I have not used before and are still in their boxes and/or wrappers (some are with their original price tags too). If you take more than 4 items, I am willing to give a 10% discount on the items purchased. (3) Ocean Free Z-1000 Air Pump - $7.80 (4) Ada Submersible Pump WA-700 - $14 (5) Boyu FS-602 Cooling Fan - $24 (6) Sunsun Vibration Pump JVP-101 - $37.80 (7) SEIO M820 (3,200 ltr/hr) Super Flow Pump - $47.60 (8) JBJ Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker WM-01 - $48 (9) Hailea HX-6830 Immersible Pump - $48.50 (10) Eden 128 Centrifugal Pump - $59 (11) Cherry Aqua - iNano LED light - $189 Thanks everyone!
  25. asg

    FTS @ 190914

    From the album: Update 22/09/14

    my 2*1*1 Red Yellow Blues mixed reef(?) tank.
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