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Found 1 result

  1. As part of our effort to help support our local Brick and Motor LFS shop in SIngapore, Reef Depot Asia together with SRC is organizing the following contest ; Prize : More than SGD 10,000 Worth of Ecotech / NYOS prizes that will be shared between 2 winners !! Attractive prizes includes, latest Radion G4 led, wavemaker, pump ect.. Event Date ; 17th Oct 2016 to 31st Dec 2016 Requirement 1) Take a personal Selfie showing the AI poster and oneself at EACH participating LFS stating the location of the photo taken. 2) Submit together a CLEAR SELFIE photo together with a photo of the CLEAR serial number on the poster and reply / posting it in this thread . 3) The First Two participants which completed and post 11 sets of Selfie photos at each LFS location here will win the contest . Example of the Selfie photo There will be a total of 11 AI poster which will be make available in 11 secret location LFS ( Local Fish Shop ) and every week, the location of where the poster will be available will be updated on this thread here, participant is required to submit two photo by posting / replying on this contest thread here ; one with their personal selfie photo taken together with the AI poster at the participating LFS as well as a photo showing the serial number on the poster . The schedule date for announcement of each location is as below, and the First and Second participants that complete the requirement task will each win S$ 5,000 worth of prizes sponsored by Reef Depot Asia. 17 Oct - Petmart pte ltd 24 Oct - C2 Aquarium ( The husband and wife aquarium shop located just opposite ah beng ) 31 Oct - Fishy Business 7 Nov - ( Pacific Reef ) 14 Nov- ( Iwarna ) 21 Nov - ( Aquarium Artist - AA ) 28 Nov - ( Green Chapter ) 5 Dec - ( N30 trading & Enterprise ) 12 Dec - ( DE Aquatic ) 19 Dec- ( Madpetz ) 30 Dec ( aquarist chamber ) Contest Rules: - Contest open to all local and international SRC member participants except Aquarium commercial entities (LFS staff and affiliate members) - The winner will be notified on the contest thread here and via PM once all 11 location selfies has been published on this contest thread . -All posters will come with an unique serial number that have to be submitted / post together with the selfie photo. (Reef Depot serial number sticker at bottom right of the poster). All photo submitted have to be clear with serial number and Selfie face clearly visible. - Winner's decisions will be final and no correspondence will be entertained. - The dead line for final submission for this contest is 31th Dec 2016 @ 2359 hrs . - Participant is allow to submit their photo entry before the LFS location announcement date . You may ask your LFS where they place their poster ect. - The organizer reserved the rights to disqualify any contest entry if it is found that any of the entry submitted is deem invalid, without meeting the requirement deem above. Reef Depot Asia Sponsor Terms & Conditions - Each contest winner shall accept prize on an "as is" basis. Reef Depot Asia may at it's sole discretion substitute or replace any prize with any prize of equal or similar value ( in kind) selected by it without any prior notice. All prizes are non transferable and are not exchangeable for cash or for any other item. Any warranty ( if applicable) on the prize is void if ownership of the item is transferred. - If prizes are sold / given to any person by the winner, the full retail value of the product will be charged if warranty services are to be rendered. - Winners will have to signed an agreement before claiming the prizes, if they don't agree to the terms, the winner will be reallocated to the next winner. - By participating in this contest and posting your selfie here, SRC / Reef Depot Asia reserve the rights to published the name/photos of the winners on it's online and offline platform for use on it;s marketing and promotional materials. - Duplicated, unclear photo, or photo that is not deem SELFIE will be disqualify . What is a Selfie ? The Meaning of SELFIE. SELFIE means "Picture of yourself, taken by yourself" , so any photo taken not by yourself displaying both hand will not be consider as a SELFIE pics. Lastly, Please support the LFS if you can during your visit to take the selfie . If there is no LFS , there will be no fish / coral available for us in this hobby .
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