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Found 4 results

  1. Trying to find copepods to sustain my mandarin goby and red ruby. Anyone has extras that you do not need? Contact me pls
  2. Where to buy live copepods to put inside my refugium? I know Trio Fishery got but it is too far for me. I stay East.
  3. Hi all! I am new to this forum and also new to keeping marine fish. Have a newly set up tank and DIY refugium. Right now I need some help with culturing tigger pods. Purchased a bottle of live tigger pods just last saturday. Placed them in the mid section of my refugium with a bunch of chaeto which I bought from the same shop (photos attached) and turned on my pump. That was in the evening. I checked the tigger pods the next afternoon and they were all gone!!! Specs: There are no fish other other creatures in my refugium. Only the chaeto, live rock and live sand. My pump is 3000 ltr/hr. Main tank size is 72L and about 2.5 metres above the refugium, refugium size about 37L. Currently having a slightly high Nitrate level in my tank. Qn: Could the tigger pods be burrowed under the sand? Is the flow of my pump too strong (doesn't look like) that the pods got pushed into my pump section and then into my main tank? Any advice on how to culture the things? And will the tigger pods ever set up a colony if put inside the main tank or will they just be wiped out? - Andrew
  4. feeding marine life with dried copepods http://youtu.be/mSQFLdyWrRg reconstituting dried copepods http://youtu.be/nxrZ7DadBOU
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