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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Vodka / Bio Pellet

    Dear Reefers, Today I have some question in mind that wish some of you can answer for me! Will give my gratitude before asking the question. Thank you 1: How long does it take for a bio pellet to work ( as in melt and start reducing nitrate) 2: Can you dose vodka and run bio pellet at same time? 3: Does the ethanol in vodka evaporate or skim out? 4: When I start vodka dosing, do i need to turn my chiller more cold inorder for more oxygen. (since warmer water deplete oxygen faster) 5: Do i dose in the main tank or in the sump ( Skimmer portion or bio filter portion) Thank you for your time I'm using Absolute vodka 80 Proof 40% alch. For bio pellet I'm using Reef Octopus Bio sphere. Running in Skimz Reactor PS: I still do 10% water change per week.
  2. Hi guys, Recently bought few fished like venustus, multibar, golden, regal angel separately, not in one go. they all died in a few days in beta box in my tank, while my existing queen and fire fishes are all fine. no ich, no other sign. some of them just start eating and active, there are pipe for them to hide, so less stress. But they just gone on the 2nd day. New fish are all introduced in before 1 hr dip with para guard. no over dose. Tank stable for SPS, but doing vodka dosing at 2.5 ml for 600L water. Any advice or guess of the reason why fish died? Vodka dosing will kill the fish? esp those new introduced fish? thanks
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