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Found 6 results

  1. Selling off Skimz DCL-4 Dosing Container for $50. A space-saving dosing liquid container designed to enhance reefing experience that connects seamlessly to dosing pump, allowing you to automate the addition of essential additives and maintain stable water parameters. Can easily dose calcium, magnesium, alkalinity, and another spare compartment for supplement, ensuring the optimal health of your corals. Size: 21.5cm x 15cm x 30cm Location: Punggol
  2. Tank - $800 Custom built by the Reefer 75cm x 60cm x 30cm Aluminium stand, external overflow 2ft ATI 8 bulb fixture - $100 (2 Actinic, 2 Coral Plus, 4 Blue Plus) Slight dent on the fixture frame, but still fully functional, used for 2 years Orphek OR3 Blue Plus Bars - $130 each Have 2 sets, used for less than 3 months Maxspect XF 330 Gyre (2 wavemakers and the controller) - $350 Used for 1 year, cleaned up and still operates at full power Kamoer One ATO - $40 Used for less than 1 month, still in good condition, have the box if required Skimz SM147 Skimmer - $200 Used for less than 2 weeks, in great condition, have the box if required Skimz QP9.0 Pump - $130 Used for 3 months, in great condition Hailea HS28A Chiller - $260 Used for less than 2 months Apex Controller - $800 Used for 1 year, have 2 power bricks, all probes included but pH probe is a little wonky, otherwise, all working fine Can include a magnetic probe holder and a display extension FOC Apex DOS Dosers - $320 each Used for 1 year, have 2 sets, all working fine Apex Trident - $950 Brand new and sealed, bought 5 months ago, decided to wait to set up but never did Phosban 150 Reactors - $70 each Have 2 pieces, brand new, never used before Maxspect Ceramic Bio Plate - $12 each Have 10 pieces, cycled with Microbacter StartXLM Maxspect Ceramic Bio Balls- $15/kg Have 4kg, cycled with Microbacter StartXLM Filter Sock Holder Bubble Magus - $5 Used for less than a week, no scratches/chips (4 inch) N52 Ocean Wonders Frag Rack - $30 each Have 4 sets, used for 2 months, all clean, brand new is $70+
  3. Teco TR10. good condition selling at 250. 200 if we can deal by Friday. Brand new Aquamedic SP3000 dosing pump. selling for 100. take both for 280! self collect at yishun. 94767184
  4. Selling a used Jebao Auto Dosing Pump. Bought on July 2014 as shown in pictures below: Looking at sell at S$50. Self collect at Lakeside location. WYSIWYG. Do drop me a PM with your contact number if you are interested. Cheers!
  5. Guest

    Vodka / Bio Pellet

    Dear Reefers, Today I have some question in mind that wish some of you can answer for me! Will give my gratitude before asking the question. Thank you 1: How long does it take for a bio pellet to work ( as in melt and start reducing nitrate) 2: Can you dose vodka and run bio pellet at same time? 3: Does the ethanol in vodka evaporate or skim out? 4: When I start vodka dosing, do i need to turn my chiller more cold inorder for more oxygen. (since warmer water deplete oxygen faster) 5: Do i dose in the main tank or in the sump ( Skimmer portion or bio filter portion) Thank you for your time I'm using Absolute vodka 80 Proof 40% alch. For bio pellet I'm using Reef Octopus Bio sphere. Running in Skimz Reactor PS: I still do 10% water change per week.
  6. Hi I have this 2 of this container dunno is 10L or 25L, and it is too big and takes up too much space. I am looking to trade for a 5L one if any of you have. Also must have connected tubing. Do Whatsapp me at 911264 9 five.
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