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Hi reefers. I thought brain corals were easy. But apparently not in my tank. Out of 4-5 I bought over the last year or so, only two are doing well (fat, feeding). The rest went to heaven. I don't understand why 2 managed to thrive, while the others perished. Any thoughts?

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What's your tank setup and parameters? Are there fishes that are not compatible with it? Maybe some photos can help the bros here to give you good advice?


Aquarium 3 - 250 liters with sump and refugium

Jebao DC 6000 pump with speed controller

Skimz skimmer

AI Hydra 52 HD

Hailea HS-66A (1/4 hp) chiller

Maxspect Gyre

TLF Phosban reactors with Phosban

Tunze nano osmolator

Marine Magic Triplet Dosing


Aquarium 1 - 27 litres

Atman HF-0600 HOB filter

Maxspect Razor Nano 60W (10,000 K)

AOL 60 litres chiller

Tunze Nano Osmolator



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Beautiful tank bro... you must be doing something right cos your corals look so healthy. I'm assuming you're referring to open brains? I find that they can take awhile to get accustomed to the tank, but once they get over that and start feeding, they are generally quite hardy. They can be quite finicky with placement initially. The places where u have them now are sweet spots so the next time you get a new one... place the new one nearby or replace the old one. Just my 2 cents...

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