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WTT: complete setup tank with sump + livestocks

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      Dear VIPs of ABA,
      In case you do not know, below are the top 4 services we provide!

      1. Water Change (Natural filtered Sea water) + Glass cleaning.
      We provide up to 100% water change for you without the need to worry about spilling. Not only that, we will also help to wipe away the nasty algae formed on your glass! 
      Information required: Size of your tank, Location and amount of water needed!

      2. ALL IN ONE Tank setup.
      Ever want to have a dream tank that has a high chance of succeeding without any headache? Not only we will educate you what's required for reefing, we can also provide the things you need to build your tank from scratch! Just let us know your budget and we will advise and build your dream tank as you required! No hidden cost. We will advise within your budget and if better equipment is required, we will let you know too! NO HIDDEN COST.
      Information required: Budget, Tank size and what kind of corals/fishes you want to keep.

      3. Aquascaping service. 
      We can supply you liverock/dry rock and dead rock for scaping and help you fulfil your desired shape. Show us a picture of the kind of scape you want or inspire to build, and let us know what corals/fishes you would like to keep. We can also package our corals that's enough to fully fill your tank.
      Information required: Tank size and type of corals you want.

      4. Maintainence service.
      As we know maintainence is a TIRING chore, why don't you leave it to ABA! We will help you to maintain your tank weekly by helping you to do basic water test and help you tune your dosing. We also help to clean or water change if required, else we will replenish the chemical your tank is lacking of!
      Information required: Picture of your tank and tank size.

      Tell us which service you require. (Can be done through facebook messenger!)
      Example: Service number 2 to build a customise tank.
      Give us your budget, tank size, cabinet maximum height size, and we will plan the rest for you (equipment, livestock if needed and seawater or salt mix)

      Thank you for your kind attention.
      Management of Ah Beng Aquarium
      Ah Beng Aquarium 471 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389430 +6597761341 https://goo.gl/maps/j3huxhENw6eNsGcN8
    • By bellinayu
      - Selling as a set or individually. 
      - Whole 
      -Selling as a set @ $600 or individually. Prices below. Open to negotiation 
      - Made by CRA Aquarium
      - You’ll need to get own movers to dismantle piping, move and install for you at your own cost.
      1 . Tank 1 : size : L 42" x W30" x H18"
      -12mm glass (Braceless ) with front and left Crystal glass
      -Black silicone / Black oyama at back
      -Bean animal overflow on right ( 3 holes )
       2 . Top electrical cabinet L10" x W36" x H18" 
      - With door and lamination
      3 . Tank 2 : Size : L20" x W20" x H 18"
      - 10mm glass ( Braceless ) with bean animal overflow
      - With back wood panel to clip light
      4 . Base cabinet : L81" x W36" x H 343⁄4”
      - Construct with 3”x2” solid Kapo wood structure
      - with front and right side doors (electrical compt. On right )
      - color : Body : 23E67 Congo Teak
      - Doors : 23U37 Trinity Wood L
      No sump
      Item 1&2: $300
      Item 3: $150
      Item 4: $300 (need to sell 1-3 first)
      Items1-4 as a set: $600
      Text me at 81117171 to arrange viewing at Depot Rd. 

    • By digibee
      Tank & accessories for cheap and fast sale
      currently freshwater 
      100 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm
      3 sides crystal glass
      With internal overflow compartment
      12 mm glass thickness
      Chiller compressor
      1.5hp with coil and controller
      (I think is Daikin)
      Currently running
      Ecotech Vectra M1 return pump
      Currently running.
      Collection at East side.
      Pls pm; thanks!

    • By Zeloc87
      I’m looking for 2ft - 2.5ft tank with sump for quarantine purposes, please PM if you have any
    • By atdayahwh
      Almost 2 years old tank, bought it from LFS with $100. Good condition, no visible scratches, LFS said Singapore product.
      Please inbox your offer
      Length - 31.5 inches
      Width - 14 inches
      Height - 18 inches

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