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  1. It's going to be a rimless one. Is 22" still preferable in your opinion? I think I could go a few in wider than 24. How much wider is still reasonable? I understand everyone have their own opinions, and people could disagree which is normal. Just trying to collect more data...
  2. Thanks all, I understand it's a controversial topic but would still like to check what are the opinions here I'm reading in many places that anything shorter than 6ft is a definite no-go for any tangs. What are the people's experiences here? Separately, does width x depth of 24x24in sounds about optimal? I feel it could be a bit too deep to comfortably do the maintenance, perhaps 22" deep would be easier. PS I do realize the stocking will add up in the bill, but so will be the tank itself (looking for the low iron glass rimless which is expensive at that size), good lights won't be cheap either. So I'm mentally prepared for that.
  3. Price wise I'm ok with either. The question is more about stocking options (but any other considerations welcome) Is there anything I would be comfortable keeping in 6ft but not in 5ft? I heard about some tangs that are supposedly fine in 6ft but quite a stretch in 5ft. The problem is that I have zero experience keeping marine tank, and while some of my freshwater experience equally applies in marine, some is completely useless. This includes the stocking options. My main goal here is to avoid some mistakes that will require costly fixing a year or two down the road, that's why I consider 6ft even if it takes up more space in my living room than I wanted to (5ft is perfect there). Edit: I'll definitely automate both dosing and RO/DI top up, I've got lots of experience in that area, so I'm not really sure 6ft parameters will any more stable than 5ft. More likely that the difference will be difficult if at all possible to measure.
  4. Hi fellow reefers, I've got quite an experience with freshwater planted tanks, including larger system with a sump like setup, a very high PAR tanks with no algae issues (with precise nutrient & water chemistry control), complex filtration etc., and now I feel kinda ready for a saltwater setup. This is supposed to be a mixed reef where I plan to start with some easiest species and gradually evolve it as I learn more to more delicate fishes & LPS & SPS over a few years time. The question for this topic is whether I should got with a 5x2x2 ft tank which is much more convenient space wise, or shall I squeeze in 6x2x2 ft if it will offer much more flexibility in the future. I'm reading contradictory advices, some folks say 5 ft vs 6 ft is a huge difference, some say it's more or less the same. 5 ft fits perfectly in my room, 6 ft is a tight fit, but I'd go for it is it is a real difference. I'm just planning as of now, nothing is bought yet, so other dimension suggestions are also welcome. Thanks!
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