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Want To Buy Tunze AC to DC Adaptor.

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    • By loonz
      Hello ladies and gentlemen, here are some stuff to clear...
      If interested, please PM  
       5kg dead coral and small rocks that used to be in my overflow compartment. Maximum about 8cm in length, mostly in the 6 -  8 cm range. $5  Rossmont Mover 15200. Small but extremely powerful powerhead. Used less than a year with receipt.  24w, 15200 litres/hour Slight unnoticeable kink on the cover when I tried to pry it open for cleaning, but doesn't affect performance. $90 Hailea HX-8810 . This is the older model with a stronger max head which consumers 20W instead of the new 17w (1.6m) version 20w, 1000 litres/hour Max head 1.95m $10 Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 Great for small tanks up to 250 litres, OR just for stirring salt mix... $30 Tunze Osmolator Nano (ATO) Not working, needs repair, no idea what's broken, get for spare parts, etc $5 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6085 Reliable workhorse 14w, 8000 litres/hour $120 Beamswork/Odyssea 18w LED dual switch - Blue only or Blue+White 6 white + 3 blue $10 Eheim 1264. Another trusty workhorse. 100w, 4500 litres/hour Max head 3.5m $100 Resun Autofeeder AF-2009D $5 Sunsun Submersible pump HQJ-1000B. Only used for under 5 minutes, flow deemed too strong for refugium. 12w, 1000 litres/hour $10 Collection at 164127. Thanks everyone
    • By reefer guy
      As above, selling the following;
      1 x Iwaki MD 30RM (used)
      2 x Iwaki MD  70R (one used, another new)
      3 x Tunze Wavemakers (two in good condition, one needs replacement of propeller/driver unit and missing one silicon buffer)
      Selling all for $200 or any REASONABLE offer, location at Ubi Ave. 4 during office hours.
      Reason for selling, not keeping reef tanks anymore.
      I dont log in here anymore so any interests just message me at nine-8-for-6-for-O-7-tree

    • By Ke Jie
      WTG the following;
      Items are used and kept for some time, expect some wear & tear
      Caribsea white base roc, used for QT tank, suggest to cure it before use. Caribsea purple rock, suggest to cure it before use. Tunze strong magnet cleaner, got to replace new cleaning pad. Sunsun UV sterilizer       
      WTS the following;
      Items are used and kept for some time, expect some wear & tear
      Tunze osmolator nano. 3152, $30 Tunze wacemarker. 6025, $25 Eden 140 return pump, $35 Par 38 light holder with clamp, $20 Kessil A80 Yuna Blue with Gooseneck, $110  
      Kindly whatapps 90056726, Thank you.

    • By loonz
      A few used items for sale
      TUNZE Comline DOC Skimmer 9001 - $120 bought in early March'19 as an experiment, decided that I need the space more than the skimming in my sump AQUA ZONIC 4ft T5 fixture with 2X 54watts - $50 comes with 2x Odyssea 6500k daylight tubes, 1 is about 2 months old, another 4 or 5 months old RESUN auto feeder AF-2009D - $10 GEX digital food clock FC-002D -$20

    • By rebbot
      I have three lightly used Tunze 6055 and a multi-adapter, which allows you to control up to 4 wavemakers with 2 controllers, or 2 wavemakers with 1 controller. These were mainly backup wavemakers and were used less than 6 months at any one time, so plenty of life left in them.
      I also have a tunze nano wavebox, which can be used to create standing waves even in a 3ft tank. I still have the original box.
      Lastly, i have a tunze skimmer, which i used for a 2 x 1.5 x 1.5ft tank for 1 year before i decided to customise a 3 x 2 x 2ft tank. I still have the original box.
      All items were from reef depot.
      I am clearing stuff for Chinese new year, so any reasonable offers go! Whatsapp me at +659187 95 three six.
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