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Bringing to You, all healthy and pellet feeding:

S3 Designer Clownfish | Nemo Shipment

4.5 to 5 cm @ 150 per pair

Picasso ( Grade A & B )
3.5 to 4 cm ranging from 80 to 110 each

Black Ice Snowflake
3.5 to 4 cm @ 75 each

3.5cm to 4cm @ 120 each

Viewing is possible on weekdays, PM now to arrange!

*Psst.. Limited 3 pair each, don't miss it*


Team S3

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    • By Blanko
      Ready to sell off Maroon clownfish with length about 3-5cm at $20
      Self collection at 640689.

    • By Reefsystems
      hello everyone!
      Shipments in at 19 Anamalai Ave 279987 Specialised Aquatics Solutions
      Hello Everyone! We finally have them all safely in store with us so here goes the announcement for the this weekend's shipment from:
      1) Maldives featuring: Cleaner Shrimps, Powder Blue Tang, Emperor Angels, Moorish Idol, Splendid Wrasse, Midas Blenny, Regal Angel, Dogfish, Convict Tang, Assorted Anthias, Green & Blue Haddoni
      2) Seahorse - Hippocampus Reidi - orange,red, yellow available
      3) Caribbean Mixed- FLAME ANGEL, Fiji Fox Face , Blue Spotted Jawfish, Queen Angels, Chevron Tang, Twin Spot Wrasse, Cuban Hogfish,Cherub Angel,Peppermint Shrimp, Cerith Snails,Astrea Snails,Sallyfoot Crab,Sponge Crab,Margarita Snail, Royal Gramma, BlackCap and now our personal favourite: GREEN CLOWN GOBY
      LASTLY Australia Corals - SUPER RARE SPS, GOLDEN TORCH, and ULTRA Rare Scolymias!!!!

    • By Willy Reefing
      *** Quality Fish Up for Grabs!! ***
      Conspicuous Angelfish 6" ++ 
      Bandit Angelfish ~ 3"
      Archilles Tang L with Amazing Big Teardrop (FEEDING)
      Archilles Tang ML(FEEDING)
      Flame Wrasse   SOLD
      Helfriche Firefish
      Royal Gramma
      Flame Hawk 
      Blackcap Basslet   SOLD
      Yellow Tang (3")
      FEEDING Purple Tang (2 ~ 3")
      PM now, before it's too late!!
      Team S3
    • By xinde
      Looking for a small pair of designer clown such as snow flake, black ice, frostbite, gold nuggets. If you have please contact me at 97104907! Thanks
    • By OrangetheClownfish
      Is it possible to set up a 10 gallon saltwater tank and fill about a quarter of it with my current saltwater tank's water? My current tank is running stable about 5 months already, keeping a zoa colony, a blue leg hermit and a clownfish under 2 normal filters, no protein skimmers no water changes
      Can i put some of that water in a new tank and add newly mixed water, and start keeping corals in it? am i asking for trouble in some sense?
      Please help. The reason why I'm gonna start the 10 gal is for a BTA (it'll have a protein skimmer for it)
      And i wanna put it in when the tank water is 6 months
      Which, is the main question. if i mix 5 month water and newly mixed water does it still count as 5 month water?
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