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    • By xahYANG
      Been into reefing about 3 months+ now. And decided to finally get a dose pump, so am wondering if i should get Apex controller + Apex DOS + neptune trident (when release) or Alkatronic + dosetronic. 
      Have another thought of getting CR instead on dose pump. Can anyone please advise on the pros and cons of CR compared to dose pump?
    • By Bozzykoh
      A. Golden Clove frag-$18
      B. Neon tip Leather coral (about 8.5 cm across )-$28
      C. Leptastrea(mid size frag disk/encrusted )-$35
      D. Mohawk Frag (at least 7 polyp )-$15
      E. Ultra Metallic GSP - $20
      F. Gold Meister Chalice - $35
      G.Ultra Lumi Green tip blue base Yuma-$25
      H. Neon Torch (3 heads)-$40
      I.  Indigo Paly -$25
      J. Clam ( M-Size) $40
      K. Ultra lumi tip Gonio Colony (Opens to hand size ) -$45
      L.Bright Orange Plate coral-$35 
    • By Bear
      Hi all, upgrading tank thus selling some equipment... and helping fren to sell some stuff too. if interested can pm me ur contact and we can carry on from there... thanks alot!!
      1) 4ft x 2ft x 2ft Cabinet (used for 1year+): $200. Can include the 2.5ft sump FOC.

      2) Hailea HS-66A (Bought in August'17): $200
      3) Bubble Magus C5.5: $100
      4) SKIMZ water pump WP-VSC6 (http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=1910): $140
      5) Jebao SW-4 Propeller Water Pump Wavemaker: $30
      6) Marine Magic Dosing Pump: $50

      7) SKIMZ DB4 – Dosing Liquid Storage Containers: $30

      8) 3 stage rodi system - $80
    • By yongshun
      Hi all, updated status of the balance decom items:
      1. ATI sunpower 8x54 - $250, pending collection today
      2. Eheim 1250 - $70
      3. 2× Aquabee 2000 - $80 each. Take both for $150
      4. Kamoer dosing pump 3 channel non wifi - $120
      5. Maxspect gyre 150 - $150
      6. Biopellet reactor - $30
      7. Deltec ap701 external skimmer - $200
      8. 2x54 T5 retrofit (reflector clip is broken) with 2 giesmann true actinic tubes - $40
      Viewing/collection at compassvale st, sengkang.
      Can whatsapp or sms me at 91856098.
      Gum xia many many.
    • By yongshun
      Hi all, selling the following due to decom:
      1. Kamoer dosing pump - 3 channel. $150
      2. Eheim 1250. $80
      3. AB 2000. $90
      Viewing/collection at compassvale street, sengkang. Need to clear asap as store room not enough space.
      Whatsapp or sms me at 91856098.
      Gum xia many many
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      Look for Chaeto at east side.

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      WTS Red Sea Reefer 250 with Equipments

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