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Found 15 results

  1. Moon wrasse. 15 cm, $20 maroon Nemo 10 cm, $20 take both $30. Collection by today, yewtee area. 93376185
  2. All low prices to let go. ! flatworms found. Need to treatment in medicine for 3-5 minutes before putting in your tank whatsapp 93376185 for more pictures and prices. Collection yew tee area
  3. Discommision sale! majestic angle 13-14cm, $100 lion fish: 14cm $30 marine betta 13cm $40 moon wraps, 15 cm; $30 Nemo, 10 cm, $30 snowflake eel, $40 Puffer $20 collection yew tee area please WhatsApp 93376185. Don’t pm here.
  4. Sick of manual dosing or forgetting to dose after a long day's work? Kamoer Dosing Pump pre-order Focus on the more important things in life! Offering you up to 25% off SRP: Kamoer F4 Wi-Fi (SRP$325) Kamoer X4 Wi-Fi (SRP$368) Kamoer X4 Plus (SRP$428) New model: Kamoer X1 (SRP$79)Kamoer Dosing Pump pre-order All sets will come with 12 months local warranty! Don't miss out and regret! Pre-order ends 18th Jan! Limited sets left.. (a.k.a whilst stock last) PM for enquires and pre-orders!
  5. A. Golden Clove frag-$18 B. Neon tip Leather coral (about 8.5 cm across )-$28 C. Leptastrea(mid size frag disk/encrusted )-$35 D. Mohawk Frag (at least 7 polyp )-$15 E. Ultra Metallic GSP - $20 F. Gold Meister Chalice - $35 G.Ultra Lumi Green tip blue base Yuma-$25 H. Neon Torch (3 heads)-$40 I. Indigo Paly -$25 J. Clam ( M-Size) $40 K. Ultra lumi tip Gonio Colony (Opens to hand size ) -$45 L.Bright Orange Plate coral-$35
  6. I Decom my 5x2.5x2.5 tank i've listed all my equips for sale below. 1. Mars Aqua LED 3 set with free sets of LED for custom mod. Price 400 SGD Comes with Original Box and packaging. Free extra LED for Modding. 2. Hailea HC1000b 1 HP Chiller (Comes with Original Box) . Price 350 SGD 3. Bubble Magus Curve 9. Price 150 SGD 4. Skimz SideA FR (Comes with Small pump) . Price 80 SGD 5. Skimz BR100 Biopellet Reactor. Price 80 SGD 6. Misc Stuff 6a. Reef Kalk (1/2)= 5 SGD 6b. Rowa Plus (1/2) = 10 SGD 6c. Alkalinity Test kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD 6d. Calcium Test Kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD 6e. Reef Roids (Full) = 15 SGD 6f. Dupla EEze (Full) = 15 SGD 6g. Reefmax part F Supplement (3/4) = 10 SGD 6h. Skimz Socks holder = 5 SGD 6i. Refractometer = 10 SGD 6j. TDS Meter = 10 SGD Tank is 5x2.5x2.5 Feet with 12mm glasspanel and euro bracing. Overflow to the sump tank is at the corner. If anyone is interested please whatsapp me for further info. Also have a couple of dry rocks bleach and sun dried and a couple of pounds of sand which ill be posting it soon after i took some photos. If interested please whatsapp me @ 85223044.
  7. Collect in Hougang whatsapp 97606747 to deal Collection before CNY! Green Stag (Lime in the sky) A - $30 B - $15 C - $25 D - $20 Indon Pink Birdnest E - $10 F - $15 G - $10 Fiji green humilis H - $10 Indon Green Tenuis with blue tips I - $15 J - $25 Aussie purple sps K - $30 Unknown Aussie sps L - $20 Unknown Yellow sps M - $30 N - $15 Unknown green sps with blue tips O - $25 P - $10 Aussie Orange sps with green polyps Q - $30 R - $40 S - $20
  8. After just 4 yrs, my tank cracked last week and water leaked all over the house. So after this traumatic experience, have decided to decomm the tank and take a break from this hobby. Have some equipments to let go so if anyone that is keen please feel free to PM me. No low ballers please do your research for the market price first! All equipment working well, washed and cleaned. Pick up at Punggol - cash and carry - AI Hydra 52 LED ($350 X 1) or ($650 X 2 + Free controller) Bought Dec 2013. - Ehiem 1264 Main Pump ($80, the casing has cracked but still working fine not for the fussy) - Biopellet Reactor with pump ($50) - Ehiem 1260 Chiller Pump ($100) - Artica Chiller 1/4. Used for 8 years very good working condition. Serviced yearly. (Chiller alone $250 or Chiller + Ehiem1260 Pump $330)
  9. Hi Reefers, Already decommissioned my tank thus selling off all remaining equipment. Price nego but no trades. 1. 22" RM fluidised reactor (FR) with Eheim Compact 600 pump - $70 (Does not come with Rowaphos or hoses to connect the pump and FR) 2. 22" RM Denitrator - $90 Good condition. No leaks and can be used inside or outside sump. Item does not come with any media. (Comes with Maxijet 1200 powerhead for recirculation) 3. Seio M820 Wavemaker - $15 Complete with box and accessories. 4. Seio M820 Wavemaker - $12 Does not come with box and rubber suckers. All available accessories for this wavemaker shown in picture. 5. Maxi-jet MP1200 Powerhead - $10 Does not come with box. Note that this item has a broken clip that attaches the filter to the directional head. Good for mixing your salt mix. 6. Sure-Grip magnet holder - $20 1 and a half sets of Sure-Grip Magnetic Power Head Holder (3x magnets). Comes with box and all original attachments for all types of powerheads. Feel free to PM me for more pictures or if you have any further questions. Collection can be arranged at Bukit Panjang in the evenings or on weekends or Raffles Place MRT (for small items only) on weekdays. Thanks for viewing! TntR2
  10. Lovely translucent green frogspawn coral. Four heads about fist size. Lost one head in fight with bubble. Bought from GO for 60, letting go at 35. Collection near GO.
  11. Hi fellow reefers, I am writing this sales post with a heavy heart. After just having started my 'upgraded' tank, a big change in my life happened... going to be a poor student. To cut the story short, I am not able to continue with marine keeping and have to go back to freshwater keeping. Thus, I will be letting go of the following items to reefers that can used them to its full potential. I will be back. just... not now. 1) VERTEX Omega 150 skimmer (Internal) $450 - Running for only 1 month. - 9.5/10 condition. No scratches. - Still got box, manual, all parts and WARRANTY from dealer. (receipt provided) 2) DD H2OCEAN Pro Formula Reef Salt $60 - 23kg Bucket. - 70- 80% Balance. - almost 1 month open. 3) HAILEA HS28A 1/10hp Chiller $100 - 1 year old. total run time 10 months +/-. - Still running well no complaints. - Best for 2ft tank and below. - DIY changed to 3 pin plug. All items (except for salt) are washed clean, wiped dry, packed and looking new. Erm... salt bucket looks very new... Items are slightly negotiable. Add $20 for each item if you require delivery. Contact me (Joe) at 97980202 for more info/ Pictures. (Don't call. I cant pick up when I'm at work.)
  12. Trimming corals and making spaces. Please refer to the pics for the frags and pricing. WYSIWYG. First come first server basis. Collection at Serangoon Garden. (Mon to Thu after 8pm or Sat/Sun morning or night) Interested please whatsapp or SMS 94880692. L1 has 4 or more polyps of lunar eclipse and one orange mushroom.
  13. To clear space, I am selling some of the conditioned SPS and Zoas (Rasta and Lunar Eclipse). I am only selling those with price label. WYSIWYG. First come first server basis. Collection at Serangoon Garden. (Mon to Thu after 8pm or Sat/Sun morning or night) Interested please whatsapp or SMS 94880692.
  14. LA Lakers Frags Small Frag of 4-5 Polyps $25 Bigger Frag of 20+ Polyps $40 I'm happy to trade with your zoas too. Please drop me a PM if you're interested. Collection at Tampines.
  15. Hi guys, selling off my bariene tang 5inch nice and healthy at $50 also one frag of acro nana from the tip to wholebody Is purple very nice at $30. and acro abrotanoides at $28 also with one free frag pocci Those buy the acro nana wil be giving always one frag of pocci with mulity head 3inch long! pic will be provide...! 98323378
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