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Willy Reefing

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Suprem3 Corals

Unfortunately, the Government has extended the circuit breaker measures.
In order to sustain, we need your support by letting us be a part in your circuit breaker Reefing journey!

Suprem3 Corals & Suprem5 Corals will jointly provide:

FREE DELIVERY ISLANDWIDE including Sentosa for any essential purchase from $19 onwards.

Contactless delivery will be practiced! We will provide a FREE S-Hook on your first purchase and will hook your purchased items on your gate!

To reward everyone for your continuous support, $10 Coral Voucher will be given with any essential purchase (only redeemable after CB measures) to grab lots of rare and unique corals that are cooking and baking in our culturing facilities, Suprem9 Solutions.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Contacts Us via:
WhatsApp/Telegram/Facebook Messenger

For essential products:
S3 @ 8845 5353
S5 @ 8845 5555 / 8905 5555

Enquires on equipment/Troubleshooting on tank problems
S9 @ 8845 5959

Stay Home
Stay Safe
Stay Healthy
Stay Suprem3/5

$19 promotion.jpeg

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