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Latest cultured GEMS ups for grab!

Willy Reefing

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Why Cultured Frags?

Ever having to introduce pests to your amazing reef despite going thru the hassle of using coral dips and quarantine
Eggs attached to our precious new loots can be dormant for weeks and unaffected by coral dips before hatching in the optimal environment when added to our main display.

Commonly wild harvested corals depletes and destroy our beautiful reefs and suffers during the transition from the sea to our homes.
Not only being affected by pest during the period of transportation, it will also be further stressed with a new environment in our tanks which some may fade away.

Hence, at Suprem3 Corals and Suprem5 Corals, we bring to you healthy cultured frags and quarantined corals, flourished with our hobbyist water parameters without the fear of losing them after paying a hefty sum:

1st EVER RELEASED: XC Supreme Goniopora ( Cultured )


1st EVER RELEASED: qIU qIU ( Cultured )


Beast Mode Favia ( Cultured )


Dragon Jewel Favia ( Cultured )


Hot Pink Goniopora ( Cultured )


Yellow Hammer ( Quarantined )


Rock Flower Anemone ( Quarantined )


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