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Hi due to my dog needing a big amount of money for vet treatments ( 4-6k) I have decided that my coral are not as important as her. So I am decommissioning my whole tank.

As this is a very reluctant sales as a lot of them is my fave do take note that I do not intend to Lelong them since lelonging them won't fund me enough for my dog bills, they will be sold at a fair price according to lfs market.

No obligation visit ( with mask only) however plz don't come with the expectation of high quality coral at dirt cheap prices though my corals are healthy and happy.

Also take note that some corals are given by people and those I will not sell but will give once everything clear. Pretty obvious what is purchase and what is not la lol

I got 99% lps and zoa and 1% sps.

Brain ~ 120 - 300
Cynarina ~ 80 - 150
Misc ( Gonia, alveo, acan, favia and more) ~ 40 - 150
Zoa ~ FROM 30 all colony ( I don't have exotic or rare zoas)

Location Sengkang

230pm is going to be my max light brightness so the corals should be open at max this timing. Some open up to 20cm big.

I will be back once my daughter recover. For now her health is paramount

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