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Scaping is an Art

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“Scaping is an Art” - Hero Bing, Founder of Bingo Aquatic Solutions 2021


What is Scaping?
Scaping, also known as Aquascaping or Rock scaping, is about placing individual rocks to form large natural shapes of Reef. You need to have skills and patience to build a rockscape. It isn’t just placing rocks together and it can be called Aquascape, there is more to it. At the end of the day, you will spend most of your time enjoying the looks of it.
At Bingo Aquatic Solutions, we build scapes based on clients’ requirements, with the consideration of the type of fishes and corals they plan to keep. We will make sure the scapes are streamlined with gaps to allow flow throughout the tank and also, allowing light exposure to reach the bottom of the tank. This will maximize the coverage of the tank without compromising the integrity of the structure.
Overhangs are also built with space considered, to allow more coral to be placed. The contact point of the rock to the bottom of the tank is also minimum to prevent detritus from building up.
All the rocks selected are also handpicked, to make sure no awkward shapes, allowing the most natural looks.
At the same time, we use MarcoRocks.com because it gives a lot of benefits such as-
•100% inorganic and environment-friendly!
•Our rocks are very porous which allow more bacteria to cultivate and improve cycling
•Rocks are nitrate and phosphate-free
•Rocks are pest-free and won’t leech pollutants
•Come in different unique sizes
•Comes in different categorize sizes from shelfscape, pedestal, reef saver, and foundation!
Bingo Aquatic Solutions also previously known as S9, is a one-stop solution for aquatic tanks.
The services we provide are ranged from BTO (build-to-order) Custom tank, premium maintenance, emergency troubleshooting, and many more!
Facing a problem with your aquatic tank? Look for us! We will solve it for you!
Call us for a FREE quotation!
+65 8845 5959
Call us for a FREE quotation! ranged from BTO (build-to-order) Custom tank, premium maintenance, emergency troubleshooting, and many more!
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